IELTS Speaking SAMPLE Band 8 | Three Task 2 Answers

IELTS Speaking SAMPLE Band 8 | Three Task 2 Answers - IELTS Speaking SAMPLE Band 8 Three Task 2 Answers - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts speaking, IELTS-Test

Recently I’ve got Band 8 in IELTS Speaking and in this video you will hear three Task 2 sample answers for recent questions. These are not perfect pre-recorded “model answers” but unrehearsed real “sample” answers. Hope they will help feel more confident taking your exam

IELTS Speaking SAMPLE Band 8 | Three Task 2 Answers

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Any one for speaking practice

I love your lecture videos!!!

Thank you for doing this. This is more realistic than a prepared answer.

Its really a easy question types.

Your style of speaking is so simple and nice. Thank you.

your way of teaching is amazing,,,hats off to that. I have appeared for IELTS couple of times and have scored well, but all of them got expired. So, got to write it again…not in touch with the curriculum and strategies, but have to practice a lot before taking the test in May.
Could I please point out that you used absolutely beautiful thrice// not being a faultfinder, I love your videos, but could you suggest some other phrases instead, because I have a tendency to repeat usages or phrases both in speaking and writing///

Thanks a ton. you are amazing. hopefully I will also get 8 in speaking in my second attempt.

Tnq so much sister love u from india

Very helpful. Thank you very much!! LIKE!!

Am just blown away by the teaching strategy of yours…so honest teacher,interesting guide…lot of respect

This helps me alot, thank you…

As I listen you don’t say ‘You’ in Ielts speaking exam I am right ???

How to make points in 1minute time period ?

Thank yhou so much. I Lov you! haha

It's adorable mam ur way of teaching absolutely great thank you it's most useful to me

Hi, everybody)
Does anybody want to practise speaking with me? I have got only 5 band score in trial ielts. If you have the same score or you just want to talk in english, text me.

i just want to know that the word "you" is valid in speaking???

thank you for your lessons…my band score was 5.5 for writing… its good at least :D

Thank you❤️

The sexiest woman alive!

Mam there is any difference between idp and bc exam or which one appropriate for academic student


Прикольный акцент

hi, thanks for your video, though i had my IELTS exam last friday, on my speaking test, the 3question was consistent,however; on the 2nd last question the examiner is not relevant to the 3top question and suddenly question was shifted accordingly on the main topic. Is there a reason behind the question consistency?

Mam Can we do hand movement in speaking or connecters as moreover ,furthermore ,what is more

You are great, this video is definitely informative. Thank you Asiya!

Thanks. I didnt know that its not important to follow bullet points.

Thank you so much

Thank you so much.This is very useful to us for success our ielts.

This is so helpful thank you so much for your help

Thank you so much for this ielts video! Your conversation so fluently.
Congratulations for 100k..

Thnks mam and please make a video of writing task 1 general traning

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