IELTS Writing: How many words for your Essay?

IELTS Writing: How many words for your Essay? - IELTS Writing How many words for your Essay - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts listening, ielts speaking, ielts writing, IELTS-Test

How long should your IELTS writing task 2 be? Learn how many words to write and what the examiner is looking for. This will affect your band score.

IELTS Writing: How many words for your Essay?

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How many ideas should be there? In total, how many paragraphs will constitute a better essay?

you always make work easier for me

Mam if I practice essay at home, can you please check it for me?

Hello dear i am very poor in writing module i cant perform better so please let me from begining dear

Mama could you guide me how to count words ..?

Thanks man

One sheet is enough of exam

Hello maam, are we allowed to use the expression ‘in my experience’? My friend told me to avoid personal pronouns rven in writing task 2? But the instructions said to give opinions, experience and such?

mam, so those relevant ideas need not to be interesting right?

But do we lose marks only for writing for example 310 words ? I usually aim for 270 but at the end i have 290-310. Is that a problem ?

Liz how could I count the word?

mam write a essay fully before 18 because i have exam on that day

What if over 300 words contain information about the topic?


God bless you dear Liz and I hope you get better very soon. We love to see you again very soon right here.❤️❤️❤️

what if my essay is 247 or 248 words but not 250 to be exact. will i loose marks or not ?

BTW it has actually happened to me two to three times when practicing task 2. After writing that essay in word processor, word count displayed by the software was 247, 248.

mam if i no go off topic and give relevant information then can i write 350 words essay because i cannot give all my information in 250 words and i am not satisfied.i want to give proper information which completes within 350 words. my name is bhupinder singh.pls tell me that my marks is cut or not then.

Do i have to type my essay in the computer or the writing part will be on paper answer sheet ? Do ielts have paper based exam and online based exam options ?

Great tips for assessment criteria, thanks a lot dear Liz and warm greetings from Baku, Azerbaijan.

Hello liz please please make some videos on ALL General Ielts test please

how much word we can write in body paragraph

liz's videos are the best of the best videos on IELTS

Very nice method….

please make video for iealts general part 2 or task 2 i will be thankful to you

Liz, what's the recommended way to count words in an eassy?

how to explain exm.

Hii mam, can you please tell me whether i can get extra sheet for writing task 2? As i have practiced, i have realised my writing task 1 finishes in given sheet but essay doesn't.. Is it usual to ask for extra sheet?

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