IELTS Writing Task 1: How to organise your writing

IELTS Writing Task 1: How to organise your writing - IELTS Writing Task 1 How to organise your writing - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts listening, ielts speaking, ielts writing, IELTS-Test

Paragraphs in IELTS writing task 1: how to organise your writing. This lesson gives advice about the format and structure of your task 1 report. This layout can be applied to all types of IELTS writing task 1 for the academic paper.

IELTS Writing Task 1: How to organise your writing

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Hi Liz, your videos are really v.helpful for IELTS takers.

Liz i am planning to undertake computerised IELTS, can u plz guide me is it really matter if i spend 30 minutes on Part 1 and 30 minutes on Part 2 of IELTS writing.

Could you please provide a video on writing task 1 with a bar chart and pie chart together?

Can we make 3 bp ??

Is the ceteris paribus usefull in ielts writing task???

Hi Liz, I am preparing to IELTS Academics. I would like to know is there any way to check out the whole written essay online? What grammatically mistakes I have done and where I need to improve while writing. Please help.

Hi Liz! You really are the best IELTS online teacher out there! I have a quick question: In the video, you advocate putting the introduction and overview in two separate paragraphs. I usually write about what the graph shows and the main feature/s of the graph in the first paragraph. In other words, the introduction and overview together as one introductory paragraph. Will I lose marks for coherence and cohesion if I write task 1 in this way? Many thanks in advance.

Writing a letter to a colleague, who’s leaving the organisation and you are not able to attend his party.
Will it be semi-formal or Informal?

Mam video on writing for general ielts exam please

Is it a must to have 4 paragraphs? Because I heard that some people put the overview and introduction in 1 paragraph. So overall they have 3 paragraphs.

Can we use numbers in overview, for instance (Obesity problems were more frequent in older groups in year 1955 and 2015).

Hi Liz, you are the best!

I wrote my exams on the 1st December 2018.
The results came in as
Listening. 8
Reading. 7
Writing. 6
Speaking. 7
Need to sit for IELTS again

Hi Liz ,
Can you provide a lesson for task 1 general training.

Good teacher

Hi Ma'am Lizz.
Happy Friday in UK!
The structure described in this video is only applicable to academic IELTS test? Or also to General IELTS?
Please let me know.

Thank you so much liz for making these videos . They cut all the time wasting out and taught me what is most important. You’ve taught me exactly what the examiners are looking for . I took your advice and stuck with your methodology. I passed my IELTS general with a score of 8 and actually scored 9 in speaking. Once again keep doing what you do and God bless you as you make lives easier( you give us a chance at changing our lives , moving to more developed countries, earning a better living, looking after their children and… Read more »

i am a new learner, just started watching your videos.
I want to know about other type of writing task one . what i mean is other than Charts
for example, "given pictorial diagram and summarize the information and reporting the main features and make comparison where relevant" .
here no data, no fluctuating trends no lines, graph etc
if you have such lesson please share the video link.

Hi! Do you have any videos for General Training Writing Task 1?


Dear Mam,
can we write 5 paragraphs for WRITTING TASK-1 or only 4 parapra[hs..
2.overall trends
3.body paragraph 1
4.body paragraph 2 and
5.conclusion(not giving our own opinions) just depicting what the char shows..

Mam is this organisation of overview is similar in case of task 2 ?

Some teacher say that you need to write more and more proverbs such as "every garden has weeds" and so on my questions is that it will enhance my score or it will mitigate my score please help me I'm confused

Hello Liz and co-learners , I have appeared for ielts twice , the second time i was expeting 7.5 in writing but got 6.5 . In the other three sections i have 7.5 or more . Could , you please suggest if i should opt for EOR .

Moreover, Some are saying, it's better to write in 5 paragraphs. so,plz suggest….

It was good. But, how should we divide Paragraph A n P. B? for IELTS General Writing real-time guidance

I am confused if I need to write both advantage and disadvantages of the topic
Or if i am agree then only positives of the topic??

Greetings Liz ma'am,
I want to ask you that can we write basic statistics or derive statistics from the data given in Academic Writing.
For example, if pie chart shows satisfaction score of five variables (very satisfied, satisfied, neutral, dissatisfied, very dissatisfied) in percentage, then can we write mean of the data (after calculating) in the second paragraph(overview) after paraphrasing.

Hi. I have a question. Writing a letter to a friend telling him/her about a new job opportunity can be written in semi formal tone or not? I sat exam few days back and wrote semi formally with Formal Language + Short Forms and bottom salutation as
I/F but Opening salutation as FORMAL. Kindly rate this approach.

Fantastic tips, thanks a lot.

U didn't mention whether it is for gt or academic? I want to have gt writing tips please

Hi, your all the videos for task 1 in "IELTS Writing Task 1" belongs to academic, are there any videos for "general" in whole channel?

Hlo mam .can we write year in overview of task 1

Could you plz tell me the format of all essay type ( i. m confused ) for acdemic writing task 2 plz mam like agree/ disagree topic nd to what extent …

Mam please give some tips for genral task 1

Having said that =but
Is it correct
Nd can we could use it in task 2

Ma'am. What is best
Last but not least. Or
Last but not the least

Do I have to write 4 separate paragraphS???

Hi liz, i am unable to find any video on writing task 1 for general applicants. I checked website as well but didnt find anything. Please suggest as task 1 for general includes letter writing.

I have urgent query that how do I start my paragraph like leave some space at the beginning or leave a line before starting. Kindly helo

Does General Ielts contain the graph questions?

Can I use I'll, 'I'd instead of I will/shall and I would in Writing Tasks 1 & 2?

In Brazil, we separate the decimals using a comma (,) instead of a dot (.) my question is: maintain this punctuation could result in losing some points in IELTS academic writing test?

Hi Mam, your videos lectures are very helpful for the IELTS preparation, can you please let me know that, is your any video available that differentiate the General & Academic IELTS? if yes please share the link, thanks

Mam please make more videos

mam is this video for general training test.??

Dear Liz,im extremely thankful for ur great help in d Ielts preparation
V clear n with a cheerful disposition ,ur teaching style is fantastic.may God bless u for ur contribution.

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