IELTS Writing Task 1: Vocabulary for Accurate Data

IELTS Writing Task 1: Vocabulary for Accurate Data - IELTS Writing Task 1 Vocabulary for Accurate Data - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts listening, ielts speaking, ielts writing, IELTS-Test

Learn the best vocabulary to describe numbers and percentages accurately in your IELTS writing task 1 academic paper. One of the most common mistakes in task 1 is errors with data. Watch this lesson to learn how to be more flexible for a higher band score.

IELTS Writing Task 1: Vocabulary for Accurate Data

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    Tek Raj Bhatt

    Thank you so much Liz sister one or online class writing task one explanations in map

    Jot bains Bains

    Hi mam I had much problem in table chart because it has a lot of data .I was confused to putting all data in one task …

    Khushi Patel

    How can i improve my word formation in writing task


    Please..mam,how i can correct
    my sentence formation ..plc give me suggestion

    deep patel

    every writing task 2 topic ask in examination,will be come from the makkar writing????it is truee ma'am??

    Fz Zd

    She said there is a link so what is it, please?


    Hi Liz, just want to thank you for your efforts…they are incredibly useful and the sincerity you've put behind your work comes through…you're absolutely delightful!

    Bipin Pant

    Great explanation mam, I felt very difficulty in describing a line graph or bar graph when the number or percentage is under or above any number or percentage but with your explanation, I can describe line graph or bar graph very easily when a number or percentage is under or above any number or percentage. thank you.

    عمانيه وافتخر

    Thank you so much liz

    Sami Ullah Arshad

    Very nice Liz… Your teaching method is very good

    رتيبة ابراهيم

    does these task for general ?

    Kazbek Elubaev

    Hello Miss Liz. Is it essential to use Past Simple while describing a chart or a graph?

    Gosarika Kanchupilla

    Ive done a task 1 from your website where you gave the percentage of people consuming fruits and vegetables in UK or some country. when i wrote the essay i kind off exceeded more 250 words which was not the kind of work limit for task 1. this is kind off worrying me. can someove please help me out with this problem. PLEASE

    If I were you

    Thanks for the video but your initial "compared to" from "compared to 30% of women" should be replaced by "compared with".

    Fast Solution

    IELTS is a stupid test

    Mangat Singh

    Accurate way for pie chart thanks lot

    manish kaushik

    Can you make one video only on introduction of writing task 2 that how to write a perfect introduction

    Chineluo John

    Hello Liz, can one write the introduction of the above task as follows; " The graph illustrates the number of people( in percentage) who use Tobacco in England in 2010.
    The graph illustrates the percentage of Tobacco users (for both men and women) in the UK in 2010.

    Joso Eno

    Hi, please can you do videos on writing task 1 grammar training. Love your videos and would want get some of these from you.

    Saravana kannan

    Should IELTS Writing,Listening and Reading Test be written only using a pen?Can't pencil be used? Someone please reply me at the earliest as I have my IELTS in 5 days

    Pardeep Mehra

    Mam.. please tell me how to describe pie chart ???please make a video on it…..

    Shraddha Raghuwanshi

    So the ones you talked about in the middle, "just under", "slightly under", "almost","nearly", close to"; does "approximately" fit in there well for all expressions?
    And yes, like the way you have researched and summarized the test formats, common mistakes and tips! they are super awesome :)

    baljit singh

    You are great mam

    Dahungry Kaboom


    Ahmad Bashir

    Really incredible instructor ever seen