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Join Jay for some IELTS Writing Task 2 “SUPER SKILLS” practice for both IELTS GENERAL and IELTS ACADEMIC.


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Studying abroad make students learn another culture but is more expensive

Hi Jay,
Thanks for posting the video.
I have a small query with regards to the question being asked here. Will we lose marks for stating "one main advantage" or "one main disadvantage" while the question is asking us about advantageS and disadvantageS?


In your other video of advantages outweigh disadvantages the intro part was completely different,which one do we need to follow pls answer

Is that okay to write lengthy introduction ???

Nowadays, the newer approach of student exchange program is immensely increasing among tertiary education.

Please provide your insights on the below essay: There is a steep rise of International’s students in the foreign universities across the world.Students traveling to foreign land to pursue their higher education are exposed to new culture and diversity.However, Education on foreign land is very expensive and prices reach up to sky. In my opinion, studying abroad with the courses that are not available in your country will pave a great scope and reward students later on their carrier, despite the challenges that they will inevitably face. The greatest benefit of studying abroad is it embeds lot of new skills… Read more »

This essay will examine that the students who studying abrod is far more better than pursuing study in their own country

Although learners may come to know about tradition and customs of that particular nation ,it is very expensive average people can not afford easily

Hello Jay,
Thanks a lot for your awesome videos. I just want to ask, did't you tell us in another video that advantages and disadvantages requires a double idea paragraph which means that we are required to state TWO advantages and TWO disadvantages in each body paragraph? In this video we only practiced a single idea paragraph.
Waiting for your advice.

Studying abroad is higly popular to a college student


Thanks a lot Jay.

Studying abroad is the current trend for University students.

Amazing!! This video is really helpfull to me. Im from Indonesia,Jay. How could you speak Indonesian hahahaa thanks anyway

what did he say at the end of video?

Studying abroad among University pupils has been constantly increasing globally in this ultramodern era.

there should be a double idea paragraphs (advantageS / disadvantageS – in plural)

Studying abroad has been getting more popular for the university education, nowadays. Although studying in foreign countries improve the students' social skills, high cost of it might be a problematic reason in front of the students. In my opinion, students, having studied in a different country, are far better, in spite of the economical challange that they will more likely to face. Studying in overseas country provides the students to meet foreign students, who come from all over the world, and living together with them in same environment. While they are studying they will likely to have group essay or… Read more »

Any one ever found out if it's okay to write single idea essay even though the question says, advantages and disadvantages or problems and solutions? Kindly reply below.

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