IELTS Writing Task 2: Do ideas need to be interesting?

IELTS Writing Task 2: Do ideas need to be interesting? - IELTS Writing Task 2 Do ideas need to be interesting - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts listening, ielts speaking, ielts writing, IELTS-Test

IELTS Writing Task 2: Do ideas need to be interesting? Learn more about what the examiner is looking for in your essay. Find out if interesting ideas will help you get better results in your test.

IELTS Writing Task 2: Do ideas need to be interesting?

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Xixi C
1 year ago

Hi Liz, does this apply to General Ielts as well?

Md Badal Mallik
1 year ago

Thank you very much for your outstanding lecture.Your cooperation have been highly appreciated in the world.

Manjeet Kaur
1 year ago

what is the difference between do you agree or disagree essay and to what extent do you agree or disagree?

Jordan Gill
1 year ago

Thx sister

cheema saab
1 year ago

Mam how i can improve my ideas

Monster hunt Shrestha
1 year ago

Hey liz i would like to ask you 1 question..
Can i make partly agree??i mean can i make partially agreement in both side??

Sujan Bimali
1 year ago

Mam ..i want help that. I write a writiing task 1 and task 2 but don't know how much is correct. .can u

charanjit kour
1 year ago

Mam can we use idioms in task 2… I'm confused bc my frnds told me if I use idioms in my writing task then it cause band reduction.. so pls tell me about it

Satbir Singh
1 year ago

Ma'am you are a great help

fatema zohora
1 year ago

Hello Mam. Thank You for your lectures. Your classes are very much fruitful for us to understand easily. Can you please tell me what kind of lectures should I follow for General IELTS exam?

sanaz rafienia
1 year ago

Thank you , I like your teaching but I have problem with learning step by step and I couldn't follow you for example in writing you don't have ielts writing part 1 , part 2 , …… and i can't organize content. please guide me. Thanks

wei wang
1 year ago

Liz, you are the most lovable teacher I've ever seen. Your writing videos are so awesome. I like the way you teach and the skills you introduce. I also like your hair. It looks so healthy and the way you do it shows off it.

Amr Wady
1 year ago

Hello Liz, what are the differences between task response and task achievement?

Essam Doma
1 year ago

-What about Writing about ( 300 ) words at task 2 instead of (250) words ?
-Will that affect me badly ?

Jass Sukh
1 year ago

Thq liz thqqqqqq sooooo muchhhhhhhh

Dahungry Kaboom
1 year ago


Naveen Kumar
1 year ago

Hi Liz, I was curious to know how many sections should we put in writing Task-2? I watched all your Writing task-2 videos and never found this information. Can you please help me with the information?

Dalia Ghazali
1 year ago

I don't know you personally, but i really loved you. You're so kind . You're smile is just enough. Bless your soul Liz.

kausha patel
1 year ago

do you teach online personally??

Sonny A
1 year ago

This was great but what about the rest of the parts for task 2? No conclusion or any other parts to complete the essay??

Bakhytzhan Temirhan
1 year ago

Thank you Liz

anu nair
1 year ago

Thank you very much Liz!! I was stuck at 6.5, but after following your tips and instructions I was able to score 7.5 (L-8 W-6.5 S-7.5 R-7).

Harsh Singh
1 year ago

Mam pls make a video how to generate ideas in task 2

1 year ago

Got 7.5 in Writing following your concepts. Thank you ma'am

Zerubabel Stephen
1 year ago

Amazing Work LIZ !!

Lalit Chaprotra
1 year ago

Hello … please suggest me general topics like technology,museums… suggest me some other???

Keyur Patel
1 year ago

i visit your site it,s very easy to understand all the things i like your videos

jatti 7 band wali
1 year ago

Hi mam pls reply
Qus in 13 Dec was that some people think that things which are taught in school is just waste of time while others say that it can be helpful at some time ( discuss both views , give ur opinion )
I wrote about subjects , basics : sit, speak ,how to behave
Now plea tell me that is it not irrelevant or off the topic… plse plse tell

Roopa Sandhu
1 year ago

How many examples and point s are must in task two

Kanika Kapoor
1 year ago

Hlo Mam
In ielts essay can we use personal pronouns. Is this ok to score higher band score

Swostika dulal
1 year ago

Ieltsliz is best for ielts preparation plz should be suggest how to use coherence in writing task 2

rare movies
1 year ago

Plzzzz upload the writing task 2 coplex sentences

1 year ago

Are prepositions are important in reading task, for example, the answer given is "A Black Bodice" but I wrote the answer as "Black Bodice" will it reduce my score.

parbhpreet billing
1 year ago

You are best teacher i ever seen …. And smile is very cute …

ihab ziyad
1 year ago

sorry the writing size is small , please

bineesh mathew
1 year ago

By gods grace i got 8,7,7,7 in my second attempt.
First attempt my scores were 8.5,7.5, 7,6.5 , missed .5 in speaking, given for EOR, unfortunately my scores remain unchanged.
These videos helped me a lot in my preparation so i am so grateful to Liz IELTS.
Thank you so much.

Alexandra Tibák
1 year ago

Thank you for your efforts and all the free material! I can't afford english classes so your videos were the best things I've ever found on youtube. I've managed to get a band score 7 in writing on the first try, using nothing else but your videos. Your channel is the best among all the Ielts preparation videos and watching them and practicing for a week was enough for this score (I've been studying english on and off for 9 years so please dont try this whoever reads the comment and then blame me if they dont succed :D). I… Read more »

Ranjeet Riat
1 year ago

Hi liz, Thanks lot for your videos. I got my result for 2 nd march 2019.L- 8, R-7, S- 7.5 and W-6.But m upset to get 6 in writing. Plz can you give some guidance too me as your videos helped me a lot in achieving such good scores in my first attempt.I woul be happy if you could solve writing answers for me for wrtiting assay which was in 2nd march exam general test.Question: Doctors al around the world now a days believe that more and more people are getting prone to diseases due to less physical activities.Give your… Read more »

Divya Kinra
1 year ago

Is it for general test or academic IELTS test?

'Mats'epo Sebutsoe
1 year ago

You speak so clearly that i could listen to you all day. Thank you.

1 year ago

Thanks so much Ma'm Liz, I wrote on 6th of April and I got my result today. I got 7.0, even though I couldn't finish my task 1. Similarly to that,I couldn't proofread any of my writing or count the words because of time. Thanks for being such a wonderful teacher.

nilambar khadka
1 year ago

Dear mam,Upload more and complex sentences

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