IELTS Writing Task 2: Only 5 minutes left and you haven't finished your essay

IELTS Writing Task 2: Only 5 minutes left and you haven't finished your essay - IELTS Writing Task 2 Only 5 minutes left and you - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts listening, ielts speaking, ielts writing, IELTS-Test

IELTS Writing Task 2 Tips: 5 mins Left – Write Your Conclusion. Learn what to do in the last 5 minutes if you have not finished your essay. Don’t waste the last few minutes. Learn to use that time effectively to get the best results.

IELTS Writing Task 2: Only 5 minutes left and you haven't finished your essay

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Please tell me if there is any chance of getting Letters in Academic Ielts writing tasks?

Thank you LIz

Your tips are so logical and easy which makes the haunting task 2 so simple.

If Writing Task 2 is more important and gets higher mark, so maybe it's better to start with Task 2 and then continue with Task 1?
What would you recommend?

Mam what about the word limit??

very lovely person and lovely way of teaching…

Great video! Is there any video in your site that taught about the structure of writing task 2 paragraphs ?

i have got only 4.5 in writng plz help me i have booked for 19 janaury

in the last GT IELTS test, I needed to score 7 in writing. I didn't write conclusion in essay. But I scored 6. How is that? This means my rest of the essay and letter were up to the mark and would have got 7 had I included conclusion? PLEASE PLEASE I badly need you to reply me.

Is it necessary to write conclusion in task 1 when I write overview in bp2??

Thank you so much it was great video .

The lessons are brilliant.

What is your overall band score Liz ?

never plan for failure

In Conclusion , and the way u smiled … clearly conveyed that trick u want to tell :) :)… thanks Liz for all the amazing lessons u ve shared!!! i have my test this weekend…..keeping fingers crossed!!!

Mam need help regarding ideas plz help me

I actually gone for task2 and then only wrote 5 lines in the task1 while the answer sheet was upside down. still waiting my result hahahah

plzz mam provide me one sample essay (introduction ,Body and conclusion)in 5 different types of essay

Hi Liz, Thank you so much for the wonderful lessons, it has really helped in enhancing my skills.
I wanted to understand, wether the number of paragraphs makes an impact on the scoring. How many paragraphs would u suggest for the main body apart from Introduction and conclusion. Also if u can suggest for Task 1 as well.
Thanks ! I look forward to hearing from you soon !

Are there any samples for an essay on your blog, it would be easier to understand better along with the videos.

hey beautiful….I hv saw plethora of vedios regarding ielts but u become my fav online tutor…..ur tips are top-notch …thanks for ur highest efforts…m preparing for the ielts xam kindly make some vedios on vocab which is useful in speaking module as well in writing

Mam how many scores u have gotten

Hi I need help could you please advise me how to improve my writing skills…

And mam i want to ask one question more ;how much synonyms we have to write

Hello mam,I had given ielts exam few days back but my ideas goes beyond the topic actually it was on job I have written my ideas on job but my one body paragraph is correct ,how much I will score in task 2 but my grammar is good and vocab too .

We can't say anything except that exquisite lesson. Thank you so much Ms. Liz.

Some of the teachers in my city says that now it's must to write 3 body paragraphs whereas some says we can even write 2 body paragraphs.

Hey Liz I really appreciate your work…Please guide me can we give a partial opinion in writing task 2 . And I wanted to know that in your lessons on writing task 2 , is structure of essay being also discussed there ?

is there word limitation in writing task 1&2

will u tell me about the all chunks which we have to add in our essay

will u tell me about the all chunks which we have to add in our essay

Its just sad that here in my country, test centers does not allow watches inside the test centre for all exams.

Thanks Liz, you're great :)

Your face is so meaningful and your look gives the sample of how the look of lady should be, impressive and kind eyes…sorry for going far from the topic) I just visited to follow up your videos to find information about cause and effect essay

Hi Liz,can we use pencil to reduce mess to write task2

Hello Liz How can i check my essay writing by myself. Can you please help me in that?

I have a question : I am very worried about making spelling or grammatical mistakes when I 'm writing and then having to cross on the words and writing the new ones, this will make my paper such a mess and definitely I don't have the time to write it on a draft first. What is the solution?

Mam you're great teacher

Liz I love your teachings

Hi Liz, what should we do if same thing happens in reading? Because I'm poor in time management when it comes to reading part

its realy very helpful mam

I like your all videos

Thanks for suggestion ^_^

I hv 5.5 band bt i need atleast 6
My band score is L 6 ;w 5.5 ,R 5.5; s 5.5 how can i reach that point easily plzz give me sb tips plz i want give my exam as soon as posible plzz reply fast plzz

hello liz ı really like your tips. ı have a question and ı hope you can answer in 5 days because ı am taking ielts after 5 days :) do we need coclusion for writing task 1 and also if we write long like 200+ in task 1 do we loose any points? or in task 2 if we write 300+ do we loose points? are we given only one sheet of writing paper? ı am sorry i asked so many questions.

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