IELTS Writing Task 2 | PROBLEM / SOLUTION ESSAY with Jay!

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Join Jay as he takes you through the PROBLEM / SOLUTION essay for IELTS Writing Task 2. Get out your pen and a piece of paper and learn the structure that warrants an IELTS 9!

IELTS Writing Task 2 | PROBLEM / SOLUTION ESSAY with Jay!

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Nowadays, many individuals has sicknesses which are affecteded by stress.

In recent years, the number of people suffering from illnesses as a result of stress as increased sporadically. This essay will discuss the causes of stress-related sicknesses including prolonged working hours and increased job pressures. It will also suggest solutions to these problems including improving one's work-life and diet. People are working longer hours than ever before, so they have more job responsibilities. They put up with these unfavorable conditions because of the competitive workforce and to better their careers. For example, an average marketer with a monthly target would work around the clock to meet up with expectations. These… Read more »


Disobey traffic rules

i think there is repetition of one idea or 2 ideas all over the essay ..

Jay thanks f yr lesson pls can u do arecent video on ielts readings and task 1 writing thanks

nowadays sicknesses that are caused by life stress are dramatically becoming high. this essay will discuss the main causes of stress-related sicknesses including losing jobs and as well as the unbalance between payment of wages and the incredible price increase on kinds stuffs that are needed for day to day life. it will also suggest solutions on how to tackle them including improving job opportunity besides the need for government interference in controlling the price or increasing salaries accordingly.

Stress disorder leads to so many diseases nowdays.

Hey Jay, I need Band 8 in writing, is this format helpful to score so? or need to be a more complex structure for that?

Its better to regard u canal sir as to spoke by your name ,sir your way of teaching excellent every thing including ur body language face expression,or way of teaching . we like ur videos not bz of ur reference just due to extraordinary capability of u have thanks sir.

Very useful and interesting.
Thanks a lot!

Hi Jay, cool bananas.. thank you so much for your videos, you rock.. after watching all your videos I was able to get the required score..thanks again..

Stress related illness rates are growing up and up.

SMH, so many ads… Next..

Thank you Jay.your tutorials have helped immensely to improve on my vocabulary.I had a lot of issues with writing and right now I find it very interesting listening to your lectures.May God bless you.

Ur videos r v helpful Jay

Nowadays, diseases associated to stress are getting incredibly popular among people.

This was awesome! I call it the IELTS cheat..Easy to learn and understand..God bless u jay!

I’m a teacher too. Watching your videos makes me realise that being a hardworking and polite teacher works wonders.

Love your guidance and cool attitude

You’re the best

Jay, I don’t know if it true but I think there is a logic problem in the cause paragraph. I think our task is to prove why “working long hours causes stress-related sickness”, while you spent the main part of the paragraph proving “why people spending long hours working.” You only simply mention the relationship between long-hours working and illness in the conclude sentence of the paragraph.
Anybody feels the same?
I’d really like to know your response to this.
Thank you!

Hey Jay so causes has to be relevant because you seem to use one reason to explain two causes altogether. What if the causes we wrote are not that related?

Thanks a lot, Jay for this wonderful lesson

hold on, hold on,hold on, hold door,hold door, hodor,hodor,hodooor xD

I believe it will be 9 solid if the simple sentences are combined to compound. I have been following and studying your post..nice work jay

Jay, I watched this video 2 days before I wrote and got this problem solution type essay and I think I aced it. Best essay I have ever written. If I get an 8 I'm putting money in your account because you got me that score. Thank you. I will let you know on the 15th of March

Can you please take some time and suggest improvements to my essay ? I am particularly doubtful of the solutions as they are something to be done by the country in general and not the individual. Want to check if this structure is fine to have. How much can I expect to score in IELTS if had written this? It is observed that growing number of people are suffering from stress concerned issues. This essay will discuss the main reasons of the stress borne diseases including tough competition for employment and lack of a healthy social life. This essay will… Read more »

what if writing problem and solution in the same paragraph

Missing your live videos.

Thanks Jay! Your video lessons really helped. Got 7.5 in writing in the first attempt

Hi Jay and Team at E2 IELTS, i want to thank you from bottom my heart of the online lessons you have posted on Youtube specially Jay's lesson on essay writing. I am extremely grateful for these videos. I scored 9 in listening and reading, 8.5 in speaking and 7 in writing. Extremely grateful for the videos. Cheers!

from my experience, I think the thesis statement should be unannounced. Can you clarify why it should be announced?

lovely and kind instruction <3

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