IELTS Writing Task 2 – Super Strategy! with Alex

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IELTS Writing Task 2 – Super Strategy! with Alex

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1 year ago

Need a partner for speaking

1 year ago

Awesome!! The very best

Carolina Alvarez
1 year ago

Im stuck in 6.5 for writing. I need a 7 i hope practicing helps. Last time i didnt practice properly.

Dicht Sankari
1 year ago

Alex, could you please explain why one would get a 6.5 for 7 + 7 + 7 + 6 ? According to "If the average of the four components ends in .25, the Overall Band Score is rounded up to the next half band, and if it ends in .75, the Overall Band Score is rounded up to the next whole band.", so I thought it means 27 / 4 = 6.75 and should be rounded up to 7. Am I correct ?

G.S. Creations
1 year ago

Well, thank you Alex.
I am getting strucked in 5.5 and I want 8 as it is my aim.
I am going to visit your website.
Please help me , I have only 20 days to prepare and I have to score 8 or 8+

Nkomo Jeff
1 year ago

fascinating lesson

Tato Tia
1 year ago

instead of writing "this essay" or "in this essay" can we put "the next lines"or "in the next lines will examine"
thank you , nice videos

1 year ago

For double questions essay, Jay told that we use single idea paragraph.why here Alex use double idea in paragraph 1. Is it ok and can we do that. Like she use single idea in paragraph 2.
Thanks if someone answer that.

Sangeetha Nambiar
1 year ago

I have a doubt which has not yet solved…. For questions like to what extent do u agree or disagree, do we need to mention both sides if we completely suppprt one idea and later support our idea in the conclusion… Jay himself had dealt this question in entirety contrasting approach in 2 of his videos… Pls reply

revanth kandi
1 year ago

Thank you

Reem Aswad
1 year ago

This ) is repeated three times.. that isnt good

Reem Aswad
1 year ago

Why we put ONLY in conclusion ..i felt we dont need it

Alex Petrenko
1 year ago

Hello! How do you think, how many spelling mistakes is allowed to be able still get 7 in essay?

Cancerian Rebel
1 year ago

Which books should I use for preps, other than Cambridge ielts I have 2 volumes but can't buy more as this books is bit costly and my budget doesn't allow me to buy.. Other than Cambridge ielts which book can help me out to prepare in short duration as I'm going to take ielts on 6 April aiming for 7.0+ ..insha Allah

Rasleen kaur
1 year ago

You can follow official trusted channel of Ielts Preparation —– Ielts Tests Channel @t​

Rita Tokarieva
1 year ago

I am confused((( Jay gave another structure of Problem and Solutions essay, can you clarify this? It was like 1 par –– introduction, 2 par –– 1 cause, 3 par –– 2 cause, the last one –– solutions

1 year ago

thanks so much

Tutku Turgay
1 year ago


ocean n
1 year ago

How come E2Language has such amazing teachers. First Jay and now Alex. Kudos to you guys!

stella charles Akupue
1 year ago

This is my favorite class with you.
You nailed it.
More thanks to you especially, then Mr Jay.
Love you both.

John Han
1 year ago

Alex, sexy baby

angie johar
1 year ago

In the second body paragraph’s first sentence.
Two main factors are-( s is missing )
Half of the family’s -( of is missing )
Educate them ( they)

Marcela Paladino
1 year ago

The video is good, but there are way toooo much adds during the video! Its so annoying and a waste of time…

Pooja Juneja
1 year ago

Line 1: extra 'however'
Line 2: should it be wastage rather than waste?
Line 4: income(s)
Line 9: thrown
Line 11: involves
Line 14: expanding (could I also write expanding to a global scale)
Line 16: them
Line 18: this is just me asking whether conscience would work instead of consciousness?

Just my doubts!

Also these videos are the best! Thank you for all the tips!!

1 year ago

Primarily focus is on UNDERSTANDING and the TONE of the essay, which is good as it helps alot to write a sensible essay.

Zihao He
1 year ago

Hi Alex, thanks for the video. I love the sample essay except for one question: you used a double negative in the second paragraph (since it is not uncommon to…". Please correct me if I am wrong, but as far as I know, we should avoid using a double negative in formal writing.

1 year ago

I have adopted few things from your strategy which are simple and sensible. I have scored a band 7 in writing on 14th Feb 2019 IELTS exam but could not acheived overall score so I am going to appear again. Thanks alot for strategic writing.

1 year ago

I need a speaking partner , is there anyone??

Raju Sharma
1 year ago


1 year ago

Thanx Alex

Eghosa Adeghe
1 year ago

Wow!! Where do I start..Thanks so much Alex. Watched this video the night before my IELTS exam here in Nigeria 2 weeks ago. I must say it was invaluable and helped me get the score i needed in my writing (7) with a band 8 overall. Thanks so much again and keep up the good work.

sushmita kc
1 year ago

woww its really helpful video. Dear Alex could you please make one tutorial on discussion essay plzzzz

baby gee
1 year ago

Where did you get your values? Are we allowed to make up values on our own? It is not given in the topic question

Mustapha Mamoud
1 year ago

Pls in writing taxt 2 how to response to the question advantages and disadvantages with no opinion

1 year ago

Hi Mam Please Reply me As soon as possible because I have an exam on 4th May….Can I Write the BP in this way

BP 1 ( One Cause + One Solution )
BP 2 ( Second Cause + Second Solution )
BP 3 ( Third Cause + Third Solution )

Because I Learned Cause-Effect-Solution Essay to write in this way (Cause+Effect+Solution)

vipal panchal
1 year ago

Excellent planning and strategies.
I have a doubt that in paraphrase part of introduction why you have not mentioned shops and restaurants.

Periklis Gewrgiou
1 year ago

thank you so much

Sandeep Kharia
1 year ago

mnu task bilkul ni honda plz koi help krdo mni idea ni honde so plz plZ plz meri hlep krdo

Rahaman Rahman
1 year ago

Manifestly organized lecture!

Einriði Harðhugaðr
1 year ago

Alex, this is the first presentation demo I viewed, I feel like I want to attend more classes as it is quite intriguing and informative.

I have scored a band of 8-9 in the rest of the modules in all of my attempts. However, I have been struggling to score a band of 7 in writing alone which I feel is my weak link, this session gave me self-confidence and I hope I do pass the barrier in my fourth attempt at least.

Alex Kr
1 year ago

Great video! Congratulations!

Shahzeel Raza
1 year ago

I got the same writing topic from Aeo.

Su-Jin Oh
1 year ago

I think this video makes test takers confused… the 1st reason: "the average family had around $50 per month … now the figure is more like $2,000" in Body 1. Are you sure? It is a kind of statistics, and where is the reference? I mean, how the examiners can accept these numbers?; the 2nd reason: where are the keywords (shops and restaurants)? /// I'm not an instructor, but I think this essay is already off.

aanchal kumar
1 year ago

Thank you so so much!!!!! I gave IELTS GT 2 months back and got 998 and 6.5 in writing. I re-wrote it coz I needed 7 in writing. Literally, one night before the exam I chanced upon this link and I read this essay. Coincidentally something very similar came up in my writing section. I have scored 7 in writing now. My overall band is 8.5 :). I can't thank you enough

jass boparai
1 year ago

nice teacher

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