IELTS Writing Task 2: The 3 Sentence Introduction

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In this LIVE CLASS, Jay will show you a simple to remember — yet HIGHLY POWERFUL — 3 Step Introduction. It’s useful for ANY IELTS Writing Task 2 essay you get.

IELTS Writing Task 2: The 3 Sentence Introduction by Jay!

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Anonyme User
1 year ago

*But introduction means only writing at the beginning of the essay. You answered every quetion. I'm confused.

Dream Project Breakthrough
1 year ago

I don't understand, why some people hit the DISLIKE button, what they actually want to mean???? They know better!! or Jay is misleading people!!!!!!! poor guys listen——
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JAY IS SIMPLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sindhu Saju
1 year ago

Thank you Jay…I got desired band in writing with your help…I will miss you…

Sajini Ramakrishnan
1 year ago

Hi Jai..this class is really wonderful. I have a query . In the task with causes/ solution , whether the introduction should include the causes and solutions or is it just enough to mention that the essay will discuss causes and solutions?

Kashif Naseem
1 year ago

I have heard from many experts that we don't get marked for introduction unless we make some a mistake with regards to the 4 marking criteria. Which is why some encourage to skip the neutral background sentence and go straight to paraphrasing. Jay, can you please enlighten on this?

Carlos Arenas
1 year ago

5:40 I was checking your pyramid and found out that the question prompt is TO WHAT EXTENT YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE? and in your "This essay will" section you are completely biased because you are stating that online study is far more important than studying on campus. It baffles me since I'm not sure that was your intention all along.

Harsha Vardhan
1 year ago

(a)this essay will discuss, about the causes of this and the solutions that I am suggesting
pls check this and anyone just say me, can we write like this or not

Tony Jacob
1 year ago

Rip Tony stark

Kinny Singh
1 year ago

Hi jay just wanted to know that we shall use all dese 3 types of sentences in d introduction or only one of dem jst to begin d essay..???

Carl B
1 year ago

I'm finding this video and the other ones about the writing test a bit confuse. The introduction changed in this video, so I don't know which one follow. For example, in the advantages and disadvantages writing video ( ), Jay said that in the introduction you have to mention the advantages and disadvantages. But in this video he doesn't say so. Anyone has the same problem/confusion? Thank you in advance.

1 year ago

Can I not write (for the writing task) that "the statement is quite subjective and this entirely depends on the kind of the study course the student is planning on pursuing." ??
Like for example for a Clinical course such has a medical degree,nursing etc on campus is highly advisable whereas for non-clinical courses such as leadership in health, English etc opting for an online course is accepted and encouraged?

And then later on elaborate on this?

Is considering a topic/statement/opinion subjective something looked down upon? Will my marks be deducted?

yuuki g
1 year ago

Can we write "In this essay, i will illustrate" instead of "this essay will" ?

barsa lama
1 year ago

thats really awesome class..i highly appreciate this..thanks a lot

Vocal walls
1 year ago

I passed Jay. Thanks a lot. I had tried many other formats but this one made the difference. I finally made it, thanks to you.

Binsy N Rashad
1 year ago

You are amazing … You made the writing task simple..

Eduardo Fox
1 year ago

Why do your hands look funny with parallel lines every time you move them about?

Akylai Otkulbek kyzy
1 year ago

you made everything so easy to understand, thank you so much!

Ducanh Dinh
1 year ago

1:38 Problems/Solutions
3:25 Double Question
4:43 To what extent do you agree or disagree
5:50 Discuss Both Views (6:30 + Opinion)
7:54 Advantages/Disadvantages (8:48 + Opinion) (9:34 Another example)
Also, i'd recommend watching this video in 1.5x speed if you wish to save your time.

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