Ielts Writing Task 2 | To What Extent Do You Agree Or Disagree? With Jay! - Ielts Preparation Videos - August 2022

Join Jay as he takes you through a Task 2 essay for writing focusing on the ‘To what extent do you agree or disagree”‘ type question. Follow along sentence by sentence to score an IELTS 9!


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  1. sir can we describe the benefits of vaccination in both body paragraphs.. if we disagree with the statement entirely … plzz reply .

  2. In Agree/Disagree type question, still i'm confusing about what if I completely agreed with one statement and make my essay based on only one aspect while there is also another opposite aspect in question.?

  3. Is it possible to make payment for only the writing part of E2 Language Classes?

  4. Hi Jay
    Can you please help me by checking my writing task 2 so that I would be able to know my level.

  5. Hi jay…how r u..i took my academic exam on the 27th of April..watched a lot of ur videos..hav subscribed..and forwarded ur videos to a lot of my colleagues who took the exam with me..v hav collectively watched loads of ur videos..wish us all luck

  6. Hi Jay, cool bananas.. thank you so much for your videos, you rock.. after watching all your videos I was able to get the required score..thanks again..

  7. I'm confused, As it did not ask openion y r we giving opinion and also what is the difference between discuss both the views??

    Everyone have same question ,plzzz answer it

    Jay , you are a great teacher I love you,
    Kindly solve the above

  8. Manners is what should be taught from early childhood to grow a person’s character. In early days, parents believed that spanking a child will make them more disciplined, however, scientifically it has been proven that human tend to avoid pain and desire to seek pleasure. This essay will argue that smacking children is moderately necessary for child’s quality life, while keeping other possible methods in mind.

    Constant physical punishment can make a child stubborn. Parents reckon that to control a child’s tantrum, it is somehow important to build a sense of fear of punishment in child’s mind which will refrain them before committing any erroneous action. Indeed, through this way children will think twice in advance of their planned activity. Whereas, retributive justice will prevent a child towards any unlawful act which will assist them in taking sensible decisions in their life, however, smacking might help parents in changing their child’s behavior.

    Despite the positive aspects raised against the child spanking, there are few negative consequences as well which would manifest as the child grows up. Moreover, physical pain would also cause psychological damage which could be observed through children behavior in their later life and would affect them after time. Besides, there are many other safer punishments to discipline a child, yet counselling is considered as one of the prominent approach to teach manners.

    This essay argued that people who adapt spanking children should wary and try opting other safer options to discipline a child. In my opinion, smacking a child on some serious matter is relatively acceptable, however, other better alternatives should be considered.

  9. Hlo sir
    What would be our answer if question prompt would be for (to what extent do u agree?) And can we go for completely disagee as they didn't ask for disagree in the question pls rply

  10. Sir,can you help me please to solve this one…this one is little different..some people believe that international sporting events are important for world peace…how far do you agree or disagree?

  11. Hi jay,if the question is about smoking is injurious to health,do we need to write positive side of this in paragraph 1

  12. Hello Team, I have a question about the writing task Two. More specifically the agree or disagree essay In some Jay's of videos on Youtube that I watched its recommended that when doing the agree or disagree question that we should state our opinion and discuss both sides. Some other tutorials that i have seen confirmed that we should just state our opinion and discuss one side. This is advised so the essay doesn't look like a discuss both sides essay instead of an agree and disagree essay.

    Please clarify when writing the agree and disagree can we write just about one side and state our opinion.

  13. Sir, your method very different and easy. Can you give me tips of task 1 and speaking

  14. Hey Jay,I am wondering if you have reading and writing  face to face E2L courses in Melbourne

  15. Jay, you are doing great job! One of the most useful tutorial on YouTube.

  16. you didn't directly respond to the question. The question asked your opinion, not society's/peoples view on vaccination

  17. On the other hand, the physical punishment of this type can have detrimental effects on children. Not only does it cause mental disorders, but it can also lead to more violent behavior in the future. For example, one study discovered that some children that experienced physical abuse in childhood are more prone to feel depressed, it also revealed that many of these youngsters committed crimes in adolescence. These few instances have proven that smacking children is not a desired method of discipline.

    This essay argued that smacking is widely used as a method of discipline even though there are many negative impacts on children. In my opinion, spanking children should be absolutely [definitely] discouraged as it may cause mental illnesses and violence in children.

  18. This essay will argue why physical punishment is completely wrong as a method of discipline

  19. smacking children instills discipline and fear at the same time and it also destroys self confidence in children.

  20. some parents believe that smacking children produces a much more acceptable behavior than just letting them be as the pain will always make them behave well

  21. this essay will argue that smacking children is not the best way to discipline children

  22. some people believe physical punishment on children is the best way of discipline.

  23. some people believe that physical punishment is the best way to discipline children.

  24. Some people consider smaking to be a good way to handle or teach children as children can be raised in a better way.