IELTS Writing Tips: How to Put Examples in Your Essay

Ielts Writing Tips: How To Put Examples In Your Essay - Ielts Preparation Videos - August 2022

Learn how to add examples in your essay using academic vocabulary for IELTS writing task 2. Learn a range of linking words and how examples should be written in an essay. You can find a list of all linking words for writing with this link: These lessons are suitable for both GT and Academic IELTS students.

IELTS Writing Tips: How to Put Examples in Your Essay

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  1. Madam can I also state it this wayHealth problems such as obesity and cardiac disease are as a result of increased content of fat and sugar excessively consumed from fast food.

  2. Hello liz! I just want to ask something about truth of given statistic information. I mean, when we give an example that includes statistic information has to be true information?

  3. Hi Liz, I had my exam on 31st March 2019.
    Here's what I got for writing and speaking. I hope this would help someone else. I booked the test a week ago and practiced only for a week. You videos helped a lot. Waiting results hoping for the best :)

    Writing part 2

    Museums and art galleries should concentrate on showing the work of their own country's history and culture rather than focusing on art work of other countries.

    To what extent do you agree or disagree?



    What is your full name?

    What can I call you?

    Are you studying or working?

    Do you like your work place?

    If you can change anything about your work place, what could it be?


    Do you like cinema?

    Have you watched cinema as a child?

    What types of films do you like?

    Have your taste in films changed over time?

    How often do you go to cinema?

    With whom do you go and why?


    Do you wear sunglasses?

    Do you think wearing sunglasses is good?

    Would you buy sunglasses for high price?

    Would you give somebody else sunglasses?


    Part Two-

    Describe a TV show that made you laugh?

    -What is it?

    -The characters in it?

    -What made you laugh?


    Do kids laugh easily than adults?


    If yes why is it different for adults?

    Is it possible to enjoy a comedy that is made in another country?

    Is language a barrier to present one country's culture to the rest of the world?

    Is humor a part of the culture in your country?

  4. Hi liz, Thanks lot for your videos. I got my result for 2 nd march 2019.
    L- 8, R-7, S- 7.5 and W-6.
    But m upset to get 6 in writing. Plz can you give some guidance too me as your videos helped me a lot in achieving such good scores in my first attempt.
    I woul be happy if you could solve writing answers for me for wrtiting assay which was in 2nd march exam general test.
    Question: Doctors al around the world now a days believe that more and more people are getting prone to diseases due to less physical activities.
    Give your suggestions.

    Plz reply so that i can check where was i wrong. Plz plz plz plz as i would give one more attempt to achieve 8,7,7,7 score.

  5. My exam is near to hand so plz make a video about general writing task– 1/ 2. Kindly thanx to you

  6. I m just stared preparing ielts.I have only one week to prepare for ielts. Please suggest me how can i get good band score?

  7. Hello Liz, can you explain the structure: to + V-ing, you wrote on the board "to buying"…why didn´t you write "to buy"?

  8. hi liz,need your help on my IELTS exam.My score is not increasing a bit more than 5.5 .I am not sure where am doing the mistakes while am taking online tests its scores well but in real exam i couldn’t make it.I am not an expert in english but i can convey my messege.please help me anyone how can i improve my score.

  9. Thank you so much Liz. Please could you do a video on punctuation. It is quite challenging

  10. In this paragraph … buying….
    Is used….can you tell me pleas why ? Because i have studied that after ,to, we use onl 1st form of verb

  11. Thank you very much madam. Your every lesson is very useful for them who are preparing for IELTS exams.

  12. Got my results today : Reading 9, Speaking 8, Writing 8 and Listening 7= Overall 8. Thanks Liz for all your videos, they are super helpful. :-)

  13. Hi Liz, in case of examples, how authentic should the examples be. Can i write an example with statistics that is not 100% true or can i make up an example to make my point? Is that ok in IELTS?

  14. Mam I have ample number of ideas, but i want to work upon my language maturity.Please offer me some tips to do it.

  15. You are very sweet. Pretend I'm your child and teaching me from zero. Many thanks to your comforts against us. I learned amateurish and now I can relay my message to others.