Ielts Writing: Using The Official Answer Sheet - Ielts Preparation Videos - October 2021
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IELTS Writing: Using the Official Answer Sheet

IELTS Writing Paper: Information and tips about the official IELTS writing paper and how the examiner uses it to assess your writing. This lesson will explain why it is important to practice using the official answer sheet before your test and if the examiner checks your hand writing. Download link for answer sheet on this page:

IELTS Writing: Using the Official Answer Sheet

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IELTS Writing Task 1 Map Vocabulary

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  1. do we can leave a line for each and every paragraph..? i mean, after completion of introduction, can we leave a line and start overview in the next followed line?

  2. kindly maintain the playlist and include other videos like charts, graphs, tables and maps into "IELTS writing Task 1" playlist. It will help us to learn in sequence.

  3. Mam: Correction You had the spelling of Penalty wrong. Its Penalty but ended up as Penaltly**
    I hope examiners now realize what we (test takers) go through when mistakes happen irrespective of how well-verse or careful we are. I think one or two slips should be forgiven to every test taker. Beyond 3 mistakes just penalize test takers.

  4. Hi! I just want to ask if the examiner will gonna give a scratch paper during the exam? Or do I need to write directly onto the answer sheet? Do I need to use a pen or pencil during the writing exam? Thanks for those who will answer…

  5. Thanks for sharing the tios for ielts exam..Is there any difference in evaluation for academic and general writing task 2? Can the same method be followed for general writing task 2? Looking forward for tips on general writing task 1..

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