Import Car Insurance - Hints and Tips for finding the best Imported Car Insurance when arriving in Australia
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Import Car Insurance – Finding Insurance For Your Imported Car

Import Car Insurance - Hints and Tips for finding the best Imported Car Insurance when arriving in AustraliaWe’ve already provided tips on importing your car to Australia however once you’ve got your car onto Aussie soil you’ll need to obtain Import car insurance to drive the thing.

Import Car Insurance in Australia is a little different to the car insurance you’d buy for domestic vehicles.

You see with insurance for imported cars, the cost is generally higher as they are manufactured to meet the standards of their country of origin, and may need to be modified to meet legal requirements within Australia before they can even hit the road.

Modifications will always increase the cost of car insurance, as it is more difficult for insurers to determine their value. Some of these modifications, particularly modifications to Japanese imports are performance modifications which often results in the cars reaching higher speeds than domestic vehicles.

As these cars are theoretically more likely to be involved in an accident, spare parts and repairs for these imported cars are usually more expensive than for domestic cars, and these costs are taken into consideration when calculating your premium.

If you have imported or are looking at importing a car into Australia, it’s important to consider this additional insurance costs.

When shopping around for imported car insurance, make sure you read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) carefully so you’re aware of any specific terms and conditions that could affect a claim you make for your imported car.

For example, some insurers may offer imported car insurance with restrictions in the age of drivers and the number of modifications.

Also be aware of any additional excesses that are applied on top of your basic excess, like an age excess (dependent on the age of the driver) and an inexperienced driver excess (for drivers over 25 who have held their Australian drivers licence for less than two years).

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Imported Car Insurance – Tips for choosing an affordable Import Car Insurance policy

  • Firstly, choose an imported car with lower performance gains as they are generally cheaper to insure. If you choose a turbo car, expect that you may pay a higher premium.
  • Reduce the risk of theft by keeping your car in a garage and equipping it with a quality car alarm and immobiliser, as insurers will look kindly on these measures.
  • Consider taking an approved driving course, like Defensive Driving, which some insurers may take into account.
  • Finally, the best and possibly easiest way to find the most affordable  insurance is to compare imported car insurance quotes from a number of different providers. Shop around for quotes and you will quickly realise that quotes can vary greatly between car insurers.

There are plenty of Insurance company’s who specialise in providing insurance for imported cars so my best advice here is to do a quick ‘Google’ for import car insurance to identify the main on-line providers and obtain some indicative costs.

I’d be really interested to find out how your insurance premiums compare to your previous premiums before arriving here in Oz so if you’d be so kind, please consider leaving your feedback in our comments section below.

Good luck :)

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