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Import Your Car To Australia – Costs And Top Tips When Making The Move

We included an article a little while ago about importing your car to Australia from the UK.

Since then we’ve had an excellent entry posted made by lezah20 within our community forums so I thought I’d include a big chunk of his post below as a separate article

It includes some great tips and perhaps more importantly a detailed breakdown of the costs..

General Tips When Shipping Your Car To Australia

  1. When shipping the car, put some parts in it, you do not pay duty on the parts you bring in, they are cheaper in the UK than over in Australia so well worth preparing for.
  2. You don’t need a KPH speedo if your current speedo shows MPH & KPH, I did however get mine changed so I could read the speed easily, I’d rather be concentrating on the driving than the speedo.
  3. Drivers side exterior mirror needs to be flat glass not convex like the UK spec. My advice, get the Australian spec part in the UK or get a piece of flat glass stuck on and then remove after your inspection.
  4. I have a stage 2 exhaust on my car – no problems with Blue slip inspection.
  5. Get your vehicle valued in Australia not in the UK… it is much easier this way and they take into consideration the shipping costs for the vehicle & subtract it from the value they put on the car.
  6. Be prepared for the fact that you only have a small number of insurance companies who will cover a personal import. (Just Car or Shannons are okay, although Shannons undervalue the car because it’s an import)
  7. Just let DOTARS (Australian Department of Infrastructure and Transport) do their thing, be patient, it took nearly 4 weeks for my approval to come through but I only rang them once… there are only 8 – 10 of them in the office so you’ll soon become known if you ring everyday… and be nice to them!
  8. Get your information together and send as much as possible to prove you own the car and have used it in the UK. Purchase invoice, service receipts, insurance documents (past and present if you have them) ferry tickets… anything that proves you have been using the car. You need to prove 12 months of continuous use in the UK.
  9. DO YOUR HOMEWORK… Make sure the car can operate in Australian conditions, everything will work and that you have priced up how much it would to buy the same car out here.. the Lotus for example was significantly more expensive at $99,990 plus on roads and dealer delivery!
  10. Get the car cleaned in the UK, polished and make sure all the wheel arches are spotless, may seem a long task but it will save you the hassle of steam cleaning when it arrives in Australia, because my car was spotless it AQUIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service )passed it without any trouble.

So, what was the total cost… here goes… and be prepared, everyone wants some of your hard earned cash when bringing in a vehicle from overseas: (All figures in Australian Dollars)

  • Vehicle import application – $50.00
  • Shipping cost (20ft container) – $3025.00
  • Marine shipping insurance – $1892.00
  • Australian Duty & Entry Fees – $6456.41
  • Port & Statutory Charges – $489.50
  • Transport of container (Warf to Depot) – $429.00
  • Depot Charges (Unpack Container) – $407.00
  • Australian Quarantine Inspection Services – $193.00
  • Customs and AQUIS formalities re Motor Vehicle – $412.50
  • Valuation of Vehicle – $605.00
  • Transport by tilt tray (Warf to mechanic) – $132.00
  • Admin Costs at Mechanic & Secure storage – $176.00
  • Blue slip for imported vehicle – $113.50
  • Personal Import Plate – $154.00
  • Visual inspection unit (VIU) at RTA – $187.00
  • Registration Fee – $51.00Motor Vehicle Tax – $166.00
  • Stamp Duty (on a Value of $42,000) – $1260.00
  • Compulsory Third party insurance – $326.00

Grand total (Car is now on the road!) – $16,524.91

Not Cheap is it!

Written by Mark

As the founder of Getting Down Under, Mark is passionate about demystifying the process associated with a move to Australia.
Having launched Getting Down Under in early January 2006 and made the move to Australia from the UK in the same year, Mark continues to share resources and support for those looking for assitance, Getting Down Under.

If you have a question for Mark, please post in our Forums

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  1. hi I have a1989 porcshe over seas and I like to imported to Australia do I have to pay gst
    I know I have to pay wharf costs and quarantine and so on but my concerned is the duty or gst

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