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  1. Yes, i spend email on chatting an awful lot. It's such a nice application. Because i can send a big data without interruption like facebook…However, i'd rather to keep in touch with family or friend via facebook.

  2. Hi Keith, your videos are gripping and full of information. I think, I have seen most of your videos and working on your instructions to get band 7. Would you like to recommend any other teacher, whose videos I can watch to have an idea on topics, you haven’t covered till now. As it would not be practical to wait for your videos, because I am planning to give IELTS exam after 20 days.

  3. It can be used because it is very fast and cheaper but i don't use it usually. Just because i haven't a large friend circle and also i'm not business related person but yes sometimes i send emails to my teachers.

  4. Yes, ofcourse, I often write email to my school staff, colleagues. Mind you, I don't write emails to my friends family its much better to connect with friends family through facebook nd whatsapo

  5. Abosolutely yes! as a working person, i can't actually dodge it because it is major way of communicating to clients and colleagues.

  6. Absolutely yes , mainly for work related purpose , It's my daily tasks to check email and reply any questions or inquiry which is comes from our customers , but for my personal matter I used to send email if business matter only .However, to meet friends and family I prfer Facebook.

  7. yes i often use emails for my lecturers and officers but i dont use email to keep a touch my classmate and my close friends i use whatsapp and facebook

  8. Not at all , as a mom I don’t need to use e-mails to keep in touch with my family and friends, I prefer to use Facebook , WhatsApp or viber for that. In my inbox you can only found an advertisement emails.

  9. I use it almost every day and almost exclusively for work. it is very popular around the globe for corporate communication and it really comes in handy compared to written letters

  10. Yes, I often write emails. Basically,I write emails to my teachers for submit my assignments. But, I don't use emails for my friends cuz I use facebook for that.

  11. I don't think so ! Since my profession doesn't have much to do with e-mails, I rarely check mails and my inbox is always loaded with junk mails. However, I do send e-mails once in a while to register for conferences or enquire details from official websites. Besides, I'm mostly tied up with other social media apps to contact my friends and family.

  12. thank you sir for such insightful videos. really helpful. thank you so much

  13. Absolutely.
    As far as my worked is concerned, I prefer email writing rather I am much tied up to my inbox since this pandemic, COVID-19, broke out. It's the safest way of communication, and it helps me to get back to the previous record in case I need to cross check.

  14. yes i do,i tend to spend my most.of time to contact with my customers ,however i prefer to contact my friends via fb c its more convenient ,and it didnt tied me much to.inbox

  15. Absolutely, without doubt I spend 2 hours on writing , sending and checking the inbox , as it is hard to tie in it. Mind not, I don't really use emails to keep in touch with friends and family I would rather use what's up

  16. Yes, I definitely. It is an official way of communication in our organization and therefore we are mandated to use. We write emails while submitting our daily reports to our immediate supervisors. Nonetheless, I use short messages services and whatsApp to reach bosom friends and my family.

  17. Gosh, with out doubt I typically spend way too much time on emails for connecting clients and colleagues .
    Mind you , I don't use emails to keep in touch with friends and family.
    Iwould much rather use facebook for that.

  18. Yes, absolutely. It's quite convenient. I do often use emails for my work, mainly for contacting with my teacher and my colleuges. However, I would rather to use facebook to keep in touch with my family and friends.