Inspecting our new home before completion

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Well, it’s been a while since I last wrote about the new house we are buying up in Quinns Rocks.

Despite being a little busy recently having a baby, things have been progressing well in the last few weeks. Forms have been filled in and duly returned back to our bank and conveyancers and we are still on track to ‘complete’ this coming Tuesday.

Today we have a final inspection. This is something a little alien to me as it’s not something that really happens back in the UK but like many things Aussie it makes perfect sense.

Effectively before the bank transfers all your hard earned (and borrowed) funds to pay for your new house, they need to be in receipt of a signed declaration from the new owners (i.e. us) saying that we have inspected the house and everything is in the same order and condition as it was when you originally saw the house in the first place.

If it’s not, you have the opportunity to tell the current owners that they need to put it right before agreeing to complete or you can negotiate a final reduction on the house price.

The current owners moved out last week so it’ll be interesting to see what the house looks like now its empty.

I also hope that we still like the look of the place. We really did fall in love with the place when we first saw it but we’ve only seen it once.

Doing the numerous drive by’s in the last few weeks have confirmed that the house still looks great from the outside, here’s hoping that we will still be sufficiently blown away when we snoop around the inside. I’m sure it’ll be OK :)

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