Introducing IELTS #E2Tasks of the Week!

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In this series, we’ll be releasing punchy little videos containing a Task of the Week. You’ll get the opportunity to attempt a sample test question, then we’ll go through it, breaking it down, step-by-step.

Question. Method. Answer. All in one video.

Introducing IELTS #E2Tasks of the Week!

Did you find this video useful? Please let us know in our comments below.

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Hi Jay! Thank you for all the tips! I watched your videos for like a week or so before the test and it helped me more than anything else I tried. I got 7,5 overall with 8 in reading/speaking, 7,5 listening and 6,5 writing. I didn't have time to read what I wrote on task 2 so I wasn't expecting more. Thank you!


Hi, I am interested in your classes for IELTS Academic

Jay …u r jzzz superbbbb ❤️

Both are excellent and you are also good teachers, not only good teacher but also the best instructor,

Hi Jay, hope you get a chance to read this.I had appeared for my IELTS on 2nd March. My preparation included practicing free online tests. Reading and listening were not really a problem. For speaking, I referred to a lot of online videos inclusive of your channel. But the main challenge was writing because that is something one cannot assess on their own. So, I explored a lot of channels but finally I found your videos pretty simple and useful. The various patterns and the structure to be followed was something I never found anywhere else. I must say, that… Read more »

Hello sir, pls tell me while speaking for cue card, can we look into the question paper and speak or should see the examiner while speaking

Hi Jay! Thank you very much for your tips in Writing and I finally nailed the required band score. :) I was watching your Writing videos like crazy 2 weeks before the test and your guides helped me a lot! Thank you :')

Hii jey i got 7 band overall 7.5,7.0,6.5,6.0 thanks for your help i really appreciate u r genius of ielts i was very fortunate to have a teacher like you keep up ur good work in the end thanks for all this

Hi, how are you? I'm very much interested to your classes.

Hi Jay. I’m extremely thankful to u for the next month’s IELTS exam preparations. Loved ur class bro and keep going.
I would ask u one simple thing here, if v r giving something same in writing and speaking, r they going to mark it down for the repetition. Like I use the word “Plethora” in writing and using the same in speaking. R these two going to a same invigilator? Plz do reply.
Thank u

cool bananas… jay favourite words.

I just wanted to say thanks for your help in my ielts prep. I scored a 7 total band score. Well thanks alot!

I got 7 in first attempt.
8.5 7 7 and 6 in writing :(

You ate awesome mate.

Hi how to access your live classes, I'm very much interested to join it

Hi,how to access Live classes I am very much interested to join your classes

Jay I love the way you Teach about the IELTS exam and the methods to get High scores. I've already signed up for free on E2 language however I'll upgrade my account soon, As I have to prepare for General IELTS.

#E2language #Awesometeacherjay

Jay you are the BEST TUTOR I HAVE EVER SEEN! thank you so much for free lessons , you tought me a lot. We miss you! I am happy to hear you are back)

but, how to access the live classes?, I tried for many times but failed to get the live classes

Will wait eagerly

Sir IELTS writing task 1 natural process diagram can we use passive voice??

Sir jldi upload kro ji


Sir please uploaded how to write passive sentences please

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