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Central Heating - A thing of the past down under - AlmostCan you hear that……? Yup that’s the silence associated with the Australian Immigration Authority doing…..stuff!

It seems very quiet at the moment. My checks of all the usual sources of immigration news seems to be bringing with it very little in the way of updates.

Personally, there’s nothing fascinating to update you guys with either other than the fact that we are now into late Autumn and we had to put the heating on for the first time this morning.

Actually.. that is kind of interesting in a sad kind of way :-)

Living in Australia there is no need for good old ‘central heating’. In the UK our central heating system had a handy ‘boost’ feature you could use when you needed to take the chill off!

You’d get home from work to a cold house, press the boost button and then wait 30 minutes for the water to heat up and circulate around the radiators scattered around your house, most of which only heated at 50% capacity because of the air which needed to be bled from the system in order for them to work properly.

Sigh…. they were the days…. very cold days…   :-)

Here in Australia, we have a house with lots of room and reverse cycle air conditioning. One of the benefits of reverse cycle air conditioning is that you can use it to heat up your home as well as cool it.

The thing I like about it is that it heats your home by pumping warm air into the rooms. We have an air con vent in each room with the larger rooms having 3 – 4. When we switch the air-con on, warm air immediately gets pumped out of the vents at temperatures similar to that created by a fan heater.

Unlike the UK where you’d be sat shivering for 30 minutes, huddled up to a radiator for warmth. With the reverse cycle the whole house is cosy and warm in literally 3 – 5 minutes.

Throw into the mix a pretty accurate thermostat which controls the temperature in each of the zones independently of each other and your left with a very cosy house indeed.

I guess, none of this matters that much when the daytime temperatures are still reaching the low to mid twenties. Season wise, its the equivalent of Late November here in Australia and I can still pop out for a sandwich at lunchtime minus a coat, hat, gloves, thermals and everything else associated with the delights of the UK during winter time.

Anyway. In other news.   Topics worthy of a mention which have been posted in our forums recently include:

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Engineers Australia – Assessment Document Checklist and
Any rejection cases?

As always, our community forums are a great source of information so if your looking for info or simply want to hang out with a bunch of like minded folks then make sure you pop into our forums to say hi.

Happy Monday everyone :)

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    Why should DIMA give any news. Like a fat cat it has devised a plan wherein they have stopped processing MODL and non CSL applications and not even returning the money it has collected from these applicants. If this is no cheating could someone explain what is.