Is Australia Too Boring For Ping-Pong Poms?

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Ping Pong Poms - Is Australia borning enough that some people end up going backQuite an interesting artice over on the Guardian Website about the number of English people who emigrate to Australa only to move back to the UK some later.

The article by Patrick Barkham does talk about the wonders of Australia, such as the benefit of not having to wear socks :) but also cites how studies have shown British men in particular suffer loneliness in Australia because there was less of a culture of going to the pub after work.

It makes an interesting read but I’m definitely one of the ‘each to their own camp’

As one ‘ecstatic ‘returnee put it: “Seeing the North Sea for the first time, finally being able to prove to my sceptical children that blue is not the only colour a sea can be, was magical.”

Perhaps magical it was for you Mr Ecstatic but not so much for kids who’ll no longer be given the chance to really call this wonderful country home.

Full Article : The Guardian

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