Is it Autumn Already?

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Autumn in AustraliaAutumn in Australia and the second time we’ve experienced the autumn season since moving here

I really have no idea where the time has gone. I can’t believe that we’ve got back around to autumn so soon.

Last year I made the revelation that here in Australia, the leaves fall off the tree’s during autumn. This year I’m going to make another awe inspiring one.


Ok… rains!

I know I know, maybe not the greatest revelation at all and I have written about rain a number of times since moving down under but we seem to be getting quite a bit of the wet stuff of late.

I do like the rain though. Strange though it may sound after spending quite a bit of time in what is officially the sunniest capital city in the world. A little bit of the wet stuff is a welcome relief!

I’m not the only one who like’s the rain either. The new plants in the garden are enjoying the stuff to. I’d almost go as far as to say that they are flourishing but I won’t get to excited just yet as I’m sure there will still be amble opportunities for them to die :-)

We are sill seeing plenty of sunshine though. I might have mentioned already that when it rains here in Western Australia it throws the stuff down solid for about thirty minutes and then the blazing sunshine comes back out.

That’s pretty much the forecast today, scattered showers and plenty of sunshine!

It’s still nice and warm though. Today we should be looking at temperatures in the mid 20’s The weekend is forecast to be sunny with temperatures in the 28 to 30 degree Celsius range.

Not bad for Autumn I guess, not bad at all :-)

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