It’s a ‘Shiela’!

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Well folks, since my last post I’m am ecstatically happy to announce that junior number two turned out to be a girl (we have one of each now) 8)

Baby daughter (hee hee) and mum doing really well!

I feel so completly knackard as it has been a veeeeeery long day! I promise I’ll provide more detail later (once I’ve had a sleep) :)

All the best guys…..I’m a daddy again… Yay! :D

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Thanks for updating us – glad to hear you’re all well, and about to disappear under a sea of pink! Lovely news – congratulations..!


Hey hey! Congratulations to all of you :)

Oz Monkey


Now all you gotta worry about is keeping them aussie boys away from her when she hits her teen years… ;)

Gary Pearson

Many, many congratulations to you all!!


Hey Mark :)

Congrats dude, have 2 girls myself – you really have your work cut-out now :p

Seriously though, best of luck to you and your family.

Take care

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