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Jeff Update - jeff update sad - Getting Down Under jeffOk, well the update on Jeff is that there are no updates :-(

It’s been over two weeks now since we last saw him and we’re now starting to get used to the fact that the last time we saw him really will be just that!

Junior is gutted and to be honest, we’re all pretty down about the whole thing.

Loosing a pet is always going to be a difficult time however literally loosing a pet is turning out to be even worse.

At least if Jeff had past away and we knew about it then we could do something about it and then move on.

The concept of Jeff just disappearing is a pretty difficult one to grasp for a five year old and is an even more difficult thing for a mum or dad to explain.

At the moment, Jeff has gone away on ‘holiday’, there will be a time when we’ll have to think of something a little more creative but the holiday thing is holding up pretty well so far.

In a way the last year and a bit in Australia for Jeff has been a massive holiday and I’m still glad that we brought him.

Back in west Yorkshire in the UK, Jeff was found as a kitten inside a plastic bag on a rubbish dump.

My sister got him from the local RSPCA shelter where he enjoyed the first three to four years of his life until she got a dog which didn’t get on that well with Cats.

So, it was time for the missus and I to adopt Jeff and bring him home to our place where he was introduced to Charlie (our other cat) and the wonders of outdoor living. (Jeff was an indoor cat at my sister’s place as she lived in an apartment at the time).

Jeff always enjoyed the sunshine and we never doubted that he’d love Australia and we were right.

There were times when he got a little to warm and had to come back inside or find a shady spot to cool off but all in all Jeff loved the sunshine here.

Jeff lying on our lawn or by the pool, his eyes half open, half shut in pure contentment will be our lasting memory. If he is on ‘holiday’ then I hope he’s having a damn good time!

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    That’s too bad. It must be worse not knowing. I hope he didn’t get in someone’s car. Ours used to jump in through the neighbour’s sunroof and I always thought one day he’d end up miles away. If you’ve tried the radio station’s lost and found, called the pound and spca, there’s not much you can do, but if he was microchipped those places should’ve contacted you I guess.