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Australian Sponsored Job Alerts

Today we are pleased to make the process a little easier for those looking to secure a job in Australia offering 482 Visa sponsorship or for those looking to visit Australia while working on an Australian working holiday visa.

We have been publishing Australian Sponsored Jobs and Working Holiday Visa jobs here on Getting Down Under for some time, however, historically our visitors have only been able to see if there are any matching jobs by physically visiting our website.

Effective today, we’d like to make this process for our members a little easier. When logged into your Getting Down Under Account you will notice a Set Job Alerts option available form our main menu. You’ll also be presented an ‘add alert’ option when searching the jobs on our website.

Selecting this option will take you to the alerts page where you will be presented with the option to view and edit your current alerts or add a new alert. Creating a new Alert will take you to the form below.

Job Alerts Now Available - Site Stuff - July 2022

Here you can add your search criteria (job title, or location), the job type (482 Sponsored Jobs or Working Holiday Visa Jobs) and the frequency with which you would like to be notified of any new jobs matching your criteria (daily, weekly or fortnightly).

Once you have saved the alert, you can leave the rest to us. As soon as we find a job opportunity matching your requirments, we’ll send you an email with a link to the jobs in question.

Please note that Job Alerts are available to Getting Down Under members only. Membership is completely free of charge and gives you access to our community forums and other cool features.

If you have yet to join our community, you can register your free account by clicking here. Alternatively, click here to login to your account and register your first alert.

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  1. Hello I am Jeremie from Mauritius
    I am currently working as an IT Service Desk Engineer in Mauritius with 3+ years Experience.
    I am currently looking for a similar job with visa sponsorship

  2. I am Hose Technician in Ghana with 14years experience, looking for job visa sponsorship.

  3. Hi Mark,
    I am a Chartered Engineer (Mechanical & Building Services Engineering) from Qatar.
    I am searching for visa sponsorship

  4. Hi Mark
    I require a sponsor for an electro mechanical fitter in Qld. I have a South Africsn electrical certificate and a millwright certificate.
    The agency doing my 482 suggested easiest application route will be for a fitter.
    Please help

  5. Hi. My name is Graham, I am a qualified electrician for 5 years and have 8 years experience in the field. I’m looking for a sponsorship through a company/organization.

  6. Hi am Gilbert angate from Kenya, looking for a sponsorship job in any company or organisation, I have diploma in business administration/ marketing

  7. Hello Mark, I am working as a speech therapist assistant in the U.S.(may be called allied health assistant with speech therapy specialty in Australia. I have a Bachelors degree in Speech Pathology, and a certificate in nursing assistance as well. Skills on the Skilled occupation list through the website was “Private Tutors and Teachers ANZCO code 249299” which requires a bachelors degree or above. But then there is Family Support Worker ANZCO code 411713 but this only requires a certificate and the job duties are not as compatible. What skill should I choose?

    1. Hi Karla, always a tricky one to answer – I’d note that 411713: Family Support Worker is listed on a number of DAMA Agreements which could increase your options for regional visas which aren’t available under the Private Tutors and Teachers ANZCO code 249299 occupations.

  8. Hi I am a Chartered Accountant with over 7 years of experience from Zimbabwe and I have excellent digital skills particularly financial modeling with Excel. I am looking for opportunities in Australia with sponsorship.

  9. Hi I am looking for opportunities in Australia and I am seeking sponsorship. I am a time served CNC machinist with 8 years of experience matching high precision, quality components to tight tolerances. CV can be sent on request – snipped email – please do not share your email on our public pages (for your own privacy).

    Any help is appreciated.

  10. Hi Mark,

    I ‘m a ugandan citizen with valid experience in the operation of heavy equipment eg Motor grader, excavator, bull dozer and wheel loader. I ‘mworking in south sudan currently and i want to apply for sponsorship heavy equipment operator in Mining and road construction i need Your Help

    1. Hi Gideon, competition for mining roles is extremely high (especially in western Australia) due to a number of large mining projects that are commencing – I’d hope we’ll start seeing companies offering sponsorship for these roles in the coming months.

  11. Hello Mark,
    I’m a Secondary Art teacher with more than 10 years experience in teaching , I’m working in china now and l want to apply for sponsorship teaching job in Australia can you help please,

  12. Hi Mark,
    Iam a Diesel Motor Mechanic from Zambia looking for sponsorship any help.

  13. Hi Mark, I’m a registered Nurse looking for sponsorship. Working medical/surgical floor, mostly robot assisted surgeries. Any information much appreciated. Thanks

  14. Hi Mark, thanks for providing this wonderful platform for exploring Jobs in Australia. I am a Lead Business Analyst in USA with more than 12.5 years of experience. Are there any Sponsorship Jobs currently available for people residing outside Australia.

    1. Hi Nukul, we have quite a large number of roles available to candidates outside of Australia at the moment although BA’s are quite thin on the ground and are not vacancies we are seeing being offered sponsorship regularly. I recommend you set up a job alert so we can email you when appropriate roles become available.

      1. Thanks a lot, Mark for taking out time to reply, I will set up a Job alert based upon my profile.

  15. Hi Mark my husband has logistics and warehouse experience +- 10 years are there and sponsored visa jobs for that field  

  16. Hi Mark,
    I am looking for an enrolled nurse sponsorship job. Pls direct me. I am from South Africa

      1. Hi Mark.
        I do see a few jobs I’m interested in. How do I apply for there a recruitment agency that I can go through?

  17. Hi ,
    Am a biomedical scientist who was trained in western Australia and would like to relocate back . Am looking at a sponsored visa, what are my options

  18. I would like to get hired for poultry,dairy, piggery, & agricultural labourer recruitment agencies or jobs for any update email me at – moderated for privacy –

    1. Hi mate, we do not recommend you post your email on a public website. With poultry,dairy, piggery, & agricultural labourer you have mentioned a few good keywords there. Please follow the instructions in the post above  and set up 4 job alerts using the keywords referenced. We will then email you when jobs are posted matching that criteria 

  19. Mark kindly advise the Immigration agent, reliable and trusted, l can use to migrate to Australia

  20. Hello mark, l’m a diesel mechanic and I have over seven years experience in the mining mobile heavy equipment and I can’t find a sponsor.will you help!

  21. Hello Mark how are you? I’m a Chef with 4 years experience in the industry, got my Certificate and Diploma in Culinary Arts but l cant seem to find a sponsor. Can you help on that?

  22. Please remember you need to be a registered member to use job alerts. Getting Down Under member accounts are 100% Free. You can also login using your linkedin, twitter or facebook account,

  23. Please inform me if there are any visa sponsored jobs for IOS Engineers.
    Thank you

    1. Not at the moment but COVID-19 has really impacted the job market. Best to register a job alert so we can contact you when the market returns to something that resembles normal

  24. Please I am looking for a sponsorship job . I am a decorative painter as well I do make furniture. I am more interested if there is any companies offering sponsorship to skilled people like me.

    1. Hi Givemore, please make sure you have registered job alerts using the instructions in the post above

    1. Please make sure you have registered job alerts using the instructions in the post above

    1. Hi Harry. Did you register an account mate?

      Only registered community members can set job alerts.

      All the best


  25. I love your country with a passion, im hard working but im 56, so i have no chance of getting in.

    1. The age situation sucks Beverly and there is little we can do about that in afraid. the shorter term (2-4 year) sponsored 482 visa may be an option for you though I can appreciate it’s often not a viable option given you will eventually need to return.