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Australia TSS – 482 Visa Sponsored Job Opportunity


Ability to select appropriate equipment, consumables, tools, etc. They supply a range product from single items up to the complete manufacture of plant equipment for some of Australia’s biggest names in the industry. Measuring & checking skills, sign off operation when dimensional check is complete and advice of any potential non-conformance. The company is an approved 482/TSS visa sponsor, and…,

Role Location

Based on the information presented to Getting Down Under by konnecting the recruiter, this Australia sponsored job opportunity is located in Liverpool NSW. The map below gives an indicative location of this sponsored job within Australia.

If you’d like to view a more comprehensive map of Liverpool NSW and navigate around the surrounding location then please click on the image below. Please note a new window will open displaying the location within google maps.

About the Advertiser

Getting Down Under is presenting this Sponsored job on behalf of “konnecting”.

Job Summary

  • Visa On Offer: Australia Skilled Sponsored Visa – Subclass 482
  • Location: Liverpool NSW
  • Advertiser: konnecting
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