Jobs competition from migration changes

Jobs competition from migration changes - Optimized blue ocean1 - Getting Down Under Visa

We had a link posted in our forums outlining the likely changes. the new changes appear to have a particular focus on overseas students desiring to go the PR route.

Snippet of the text:

AUSTRALIAN university graduates may face greater competition for jobs from overseas students under a proposed government plan.

Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone has released an independent study of the skilled migration system, the basis for changes to kick in later this year.

The study – by leading immigration experts Dr Bob Birrell, Associate Professor Lesleyanne Hawthorne and Professor Sue Richardson – found skilled migrants were achieving strong success in finding jobs, but a number of reforms were needed.

Employers are concerned that graduating overseas students who studied in Australia lacked work experience in their occupations and had poor English language skills.

Only one third of overseas students are employed in professional jobs six months after completing their courses and there was not enough emphasis, when it came to granting permanent visas, on good English skills.

The report recommended overseas students be given a temporary entry visa allowing a stay of two years in Australia with full work rights after they finish their studies

Full story can be viewed by clicking here

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