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Below you can find our current job listings for vacancies in Australia offering 482 Visa Sponsorship.  Every Job listed below has been confirmed as offering sponsorship to candidates seeking jobs offering 482 Visa Sponsorship.

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  1. Hi Mark,
    My sister studied as international student and graduated nursing(RN)at ACU North Sydney back in Oct.2016, and got registered as RN. She had a graduate Visa and managed to work at Aged Care agency as RN for at least 18months. Got short for two yrs work experience as per immigration requirement to qualify for skilled migration. She went back June 2018 in the Philippines to get married. She was thinking to return to Oz, but covid happens.
    She’s wondering what’s the best pathway to comeback to Australia? She still have the RN Rego as she renew it yearly. She’s turning 43yrs old this

  2. hi just want to apply for unskilled category jobs like cashier restaurant shop office anywhere in regional unskilled workers options

  3. Hi!

    I’m currently working as a departement manager at IKEA in Norway. I’ve worked as a manager here for 2 years and it’s the top selling store in the world, and in retail for 10 years.
    I was in Australia 4 years ago on a working holiday and I would love to move back to Australia and work there again. But I don’t really know what I can do?

  4. Hi i currently live in the philippines and i’m trying find a sponsored job in Australia. I have never been to australia. I have family there and also my husband is a australian citizen. What is the best place to start when looking for sponsorship jobs?

  5. Hi i currently live in the philippines and i’m trying find a sponsored job in Australia. I have never been to australia. I have family there and also my husband is a australian citizen. What is the best place to start when looking for sponsorship jobs?

  6. Hi there

    My husband has 10+ years experience in welding inspection and quality management. He is currently a construction manager at SAPREF refinery in Durban, South Africa. What are the chances of him getting a sponsored job in anyone of the above positions?


  7. Hi

    Please find me and my parnter are looking to relocate from the UK.

    Young couple (25-30)

    I have over 5 years experience and current job in accounting and part way through my AAT and looking to go chartered.

    My partner has been a National UK Training sales manager and customer service Manager for many years. Also with warehouse manager experience.

    Looking for sponsorships.

    Thank you

  8. hai. i am nurse currently working in the Uk. i have a valid AHPRA registration and looking for working in Australia. is there any chance to get sponsorship?

  9. Im a LVN (enrolled nurse) in usa… Anyone hiring in sydney for sponsorship for nurses? Sydney specifically please

  10. Hi Mark,
    I am a highly qualified and experienced Health and safety manager from South Africa. Are there any sponsored positions available for me?

  11. Hi I’m shiny

    I’m a student. I’m studying diploma in community services. Do I have any sponsorship visa able in this field. I’m flexible to grab and understand.

  12. Hey..
    My name is Ranil Chand and I am from Fiji.
    Chef by profession and more than 10 years of experience in hotline cooking in hotel resorts here in Fiji ..

    My dream is to work in Australia and I have been already given my 2 doses of covid vaccine.

    Is there any chance of me to get job in Australia..

    -personal details snipped – please do not share on public forums/comment forms for your own privacy –

    please feel free to contact me for my resume and references…


  13. Hi Guys,

    I am UK based looking for senior roles in Security, Cyber Security. UK passport holder.

    Currently a Chief Information Security Officer for a world leading start up. 15 years experience covering most industries and security related domains.

    Anything out there?


  14. Hi there? My name is Mitchell I was wondering how I could qualify for a sponsor job in Australia. My partner is in Australia and we do not qualify for a partner visa. I am currently in Canada I am a journey person certified welder along with many other certifications.
    Thank you.

  15. Hi Mark, I’m an accountant with more than 4 years experience in the field, I’m currently working in Malaysia and I’m looking for visa sponsorship jobs in Australia as my partner is in Australia however we did not meet the requirement for apply a partner visa. Can you provide any guidance on applying visa sponsored jobs in Australia. Kindly help. Thank you very much.

  16. Hello,
    I am a Canadian looking to try and find a sponsored job in Australia. I have previously been to Australia on a working holiday Visa and do not qualify for a 2nd year working holiday visa. What is the best place to start when looking for sponsorship jobs?

    Thank you

  17. Hi, I am looking for a job in telecom/communication stream. I would highly appreciate if any help or any guidance for hunting visa sponsored jobs in Australia.

  18. Hi, I am at the very beginning of applying for a visa. I’m quite overwhelmed with the amount of requirements, which causes confusion in regards to what is the best visa to go for. A sponsored job route is something I hope is possible in my field of work. Are there many sponsored jobs for a biomedical scientist. I have 11 years experience and I am 35. I have my IELTS test booked for September.

  19. Hello Mark,
    I’m a Secondary Art teacher with more than 10 years experience in teaching ,I’m working in china now and l want to apply for sponsorship teaching job in Australia can you help please.

  20. Hi. I am a South African currently in Australia as a dependent on my wife’s student visa. We arrived in July 2019. I hold my Australian Diploma and Cert IV in Occupational Health and Safety. I have recently completed and received my positive VETASSESS skills assessment. How do I go about find companies that are willing to sponsor us on a 494 visa? We are already here and already hold all our required documents; it just a means of finding someone willing to sponsor us, and its really difficult telling the job opportunities apart.

    • Hi there – 482 or 494 Visa are both sponsorship options available to employers, the key difference is the 494 Visa is an option available to “regional” employers to address labour shortages.

      If the sponsored jobs are located in ‘Regional areas” then the 494 Visa option could be adopted by an employer if they were keen to recruit you. The key thing is you need to ensure the role is in a place classed as regional Australia. In short, Cities and Major Regional Centres’ of Perth, Adelaide, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Canberra, Newcastle/Lake Macquarie, Wollongong/Illawarra, Geelong and Hobart are classified as regional so you will have plenty of geographic options if you can find the right job/employer.

  21. Hi!
    Please am looking for a job like, cleaning, dishwashing, housekeeping, packer,nanny or caregiver,willing to move to Australia have four years of experience. Thanks so much for your consideration.

    • Hi Dora – Most of the occupations you have listed there will not offer you sponsorship, unfortunately – Please see the occupations lists on this page for the current jobs that qualify:

      All the best


  22. Hi ,
    I,m an auto electrician and a bus driver in fiji and willing to work in Australia any help will be highly appreciated thank you

  23. I am landscape architect and working in Australia past 2 years. I want to change my sponsor as my current sponsor is not giving me 186. Even after working here for so long.

  24. Hi,
    I am a Bachelors Of Engineering graduate (Electronics & Telecommunication) and have 20 years of experience in IT LAN WAN Enterprise & Telecommunication Networks. Looking for visa sponsored jobs in Australia, I would highly appreciate any help any guidance for hunting visa sponsored jobs in Australia.

  25. Hi,
    I have diploma in nursing, been in nursing line for 10 years. I have working experience in Singapore. Will I be able to get a job offer in Australia?

  26. Hi Mark
    I am a registered nurse from the UK with 13 years experience, but I dont if I will be accepted for visa sponsorship due to my age as I am over 45 years. Do I also need to write ILTS? thank you.

    • Hi there – There is no age limit for sponsored roles and if you are a UK resident/passport holder you will not need to sit an IELTS exam.

  27. Hi Mark, I am 22 years Development Professional worked in Bilateral development programs; currently working as Deputy Team Leader in South Australian company called Scope Global in Sri Lanka? Do you think I can get a sponsored job in community Development or any development organizations in the capacity of Operatons or Program development?

  28. Hi Mark. Do you know of any sponsors for investigators? I have 20 years experience in the South African Police Service.

  29. Hi Mark, am a Zambian registered nurse with more than 10 years plus experience who wish to work in Australia looking for sponsorship with AHPRA registration and visa.

    • Hi Penda, we have quite a large number of nurse roles in our database offering sponsorship at the moment. Please use the search box above to view the current vacancies

    • Hey Kayleigh, I assume you mean truck/Heavy Goods driver (the HR part in your comment threw me off). We used to however COVID has put a bit of a halt to that. The mining industry were one of the primary drawcards in this space however they have really locked down their operational sites. I recommend setting up job alerts for key terms so we can email you when roles become available.

      • Sorry, yes I Heavy goods.
        My husband is a class 2 HGV driver here in the UK , currently drivers mixers & tippers.

        We understand COVID has put a halt on things , we will will keep our eyes peeled.

        Thank you

  30. Hi Mark,

    I have 22 years experience in Joinery & carpentry and also in building, installing and refurbisihing Modular buildings and I am looking for sponsorship in the Perth area, willing to do FIFO.…. Can you help?

    Thanks :)

  31. Hi Mark, I’m a South African healthcare Case Manager, at rehabilitation facilities, with 5+ years experience. I’ve also been accepted into a Psychology and Counselling degree at Edith Cowan University. I’ve been applying for jobs and almost got lucky at St. John of God Health Care but, lost out on the job as I don’t currently have a visa in place. Any advice? I need a job first as I couldn’t possibly afford my studies without one. Could I find Visa sponsored work?

  32. Hello Mark,

    I’m looking for sponsorship 482. I’m currently working as a Network and Security Professionals. Just wondering if you have preferred or any recommendations? Please advise. Thank you!

  33. Hi Mark. I am looking for sponsorship 482 . I have over 30 years ICT experience and am an ICT PROJECT MANAGER/BUSINESS ANALYST. I have Prince 2 and am currently doing Prince Practitioner.

  34. Hello. I would like to ask if there is a sponsorship for Inventory Clerk? I have been working as one at a hospital, Lorma Medical Center, for almost 2 years now. I hope you could help me. Thank you

  35. Hai mark
    I am a heavy duty diesel mechanic from Zambia I have 9 years working experience on different mining heavy duty machines, I am looking for a company to sponsor for my Visa any recommendations will be highly appreciated
    Thanks in advance

  36. Hi Mark. Are you able to help us to find a job that can sponsor me for my visa. I’m presently working as residential care officer for 5 years here in Sydney. I’m willing to move wherever i can find a company willing to sponsor me. Please help. Thanks

  37. Hi, I am currently working as Plant Inspection Engineer in oil and gas industry with 10+ years experience . I have completed positive skill assesment from Engineers Australia for Mechanical Engineer profession(233512). In addition I have American Petroleum Institute certification for vessel inspection (API510 ) and piping inspection (API570)
    Let me know whether there is any opportunity to get Tss482 visa.

  38. Hi Mark,

    I’m currently in Jordan working as a plumber with over 5 years of experience. I want to travel to Australia with a work visa however Jordan is not under the eligible list. Are there any alternative options for me ? Thank you.

  39. Hi, Mr. Mark, I have degree in Human Resource Management from Ghana and also have good typing and record keeping skills. Please help me find a sponsored job in sector in Australia. I served as administrative assistant in several private companies such as hospitals and hotels . Please help me out . Thanks

    • Hi Tom, if you can find an appropriate job listed (of which we have a number of chef positions) and you are interviewed and selected (as the best candidate, then absolutely, you can get sponsored.

  40. Hi Mark, I am a policeman in South Africa with 28 years experience, qualified as a patrol dog handler and narcotics dog handler with 16years experience and 7 years experience in the tactical response team, also have crowd management courses, medics, advanced driving and numerous other completed courses. I have a side line job where I build kitchens and built in cupboards etc as well as a cnc plasma machine and welding services. Wanting to immigrate over to Australia

    • Welcome, Sidney. You certainly have a lot of good experience, though I must be honest when I say I’ve not seen police roles sponsored in recent years. Police officers do currently qualify for a Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 494) though it may be better to consider some of your alternate skill sets. Your welding experience may be the way to go, however some formal qualification will be expected. Good luck!

  41. Hi, I am qualified diploma educator. I would appreciate it if you provide me possibilities for sponsorship or DAMA sponsorship. Thanks

  42. Hi Mark
    Thanks for this very helpful forum
    I am a Signal Technician with 13 years experience. I am seeking opportunities to work in Aus or NZ.
    Plenty of jobs for Signal Technicians are posted on SEEK but they appear to target people already in Australia with full working rights

  43. HI Mark

    My wife is RN form Vancouver . APHRA Reg done last year . 6 +Year Exp in BC, Canada .
    Looking for job in Australia .

  44. Hi Mark,
    Good day! I am Medilyn from the Philippines. I am an experienced customer service associate for 8 years and a financial planner admin assistant for 2 years now. Can you help me get a sponsored work visa in Australia? It has been my dream.


  45. Derrick John donkoh by name,from Ghana. I am a professional mig mag and arc welder. Please can you help me to get a working permit or sponsored visa to Australia and work. More than ten years experience.

  46. Hello Sir! my name is Pio Mutombera lam a Journeyman Electrician with 17 years of experience, lam inZimbabwe, lam willing to relocate in Australia with prosptective of getting a job

  47. Hi Mark I hope you are doing well .
    Sorry for disturbing , but is retail sales associate occupation on the list of demand in Australia ?

  48. hi..looking for crane operator sponsorship in Australia but am at a loss….i dont even know where to start and what is required. can anyone please help me

  49. I am a cameronian residing in cameroon
    With a Diploma of industrial welding and metal Fabrication i am willing to relocate in Australia
    With the prospective of getting a job in welding department

  50. I am a zimbabwean national currently residing in south africa .willing to relocate to australia .with the prospects of getting a job in the electrical trade industry .

  51. Just wanted to say thanks for this job page listing ! It does help in the search and I’m sure once the borders open the type of jobs listed will expand. As these seem to mostly be jobs on the critical skills list..but once borders open sponsorship for other professions should open up again

  52. Iam from Papua New Guinea and have graduated with certificate lll in age care and community care. Is there any age care and community care jobs available for me? Thank you

  53. Hi Mark , I’m an Urban and Regional Planner. I’ve applied for hundreds of jobs through “” or “Indeed”, with all negative responses. I have almost 20 years of experience. I’m even willing to start at subordinate level. Any advice from your side please.

      • Hi Mark, please see some responses below. regards

        Dear Malcolm, 
        Thank you for taking the time to submit your application for the position of Senior Placemaking Project Officer with the City of Casey. 
        We have received a considerable number of applications and after careful consideration we regret to advise that you have been unsuccessful in this instance. 
        We would like to retain your details on file and may be in contact with you if an appropriate opportunity to join our team becomes available. 
        The City of Casey would like to thank you for your time, please feel free to apply for any future vacancies that may be of interest to you. 
        We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best with your future endeavours. 
        Kind regards – City of Casey, Victoria

        Hi Malcom 
        Thanks for your interest in this appointment. However we have successfully managed to fill this requirement with a local candidate.
        Kind regards  
        David Wood
        Senior Advisor – Recruitment & Talent – SMEC

        They do not offer sponsorship

  54. hello, my name is victor orovwegodo. i am looking for a structural engineering job i have 3 years experience in it. also need sponsor

  55. Hi Innocent here

    Looking for sponsorship have completed both vetassess and ielts,currently in Zimbabwe and I’m well vessed in caterpillar machinery auto electrician by profession

  56. Hi am Francis kariuki in search of a position a delivery driver or driver is there any company that can sponsor me kindly help

  57. I saw a job list for teaching in preschool but there’s no link for the company or school to ask for requirements

  58. Hi There, I am Catering Manager or Food Services Manager in the Hospitality Industry with 4 years work experience. I am looking for a willing sponsor with a training plan to apply for the 407 Training Visa to complete a Hospitality& Leadership Management Diploma. Please need advise, direction or assistance with this.

  59. I am a social worker with Master degree from Canada. I am looking for a sponsor and I am having a hard time finding it. Any tips or recommendation of head hunters in that field? Thank you very much

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