Jobs Removed From The Australian Skilled Occupations List

Jobs Removed From The 2016 - 2017 Sol

List of removed occupations

Occupations entirely removed from the list of eligible skilled occupation on 19 April 2017 are listed below. For the list of vacancies qualifying for skilled sponsorship from 1st July 2017, see here: 2017 – 2018 SOL

Occupation ANZSCO Code
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker 411511
Actor 211111
Actors, Dancers and Other Entertainers NEC 211199
Aeroplane Pilot 231111
Air Traffic Controller 231112
Air Transport Professionals NEC 231199
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics) 323111
Amusement Centre Manager 149111
Antique Dealer 142112
Apparel Cutter 393211
Archaeologist 272414
Archivist 224211
Art Director (Film, Television or Stage) 212311
Artistic Director 212111
Auctioneer 611111
Author 212211
Bed and Breakfast Operator 141911
Betting agency Manager 142113
Biochemist 234513
Biotechnologist 234514
Blacksmith 322111
Boarding Kennel or Cattery Operator 149911
Broadcast Transmitter Operator 399511
Building and Engineering Technicians NEC 312999
Business Broker 612111
Butcher or Smallgoods Maker 351211
Call or Contact Centre Manager 149211
Canvas Goods Fabricator 393111
Caravan Park and Camping Ground Manager 141211
Cinema or Theatre Manager 149912
Clinical Coder 599915
Clothing Patternmaker 393212
Clothing Trades Workers NEC 393299
Commissioned Defence Force Officer 139111
Commissioned Fire Officer 139112
Commissioned Police Officer 139113
Communications Operator 342312
Community Arts Worker 272611
Composer 211211
Conservation Officer 234311
Construction Estimator 312114
Conveyancer 599111
Corporate Treasurer 221212
Court Bailiff or Sheriff (Aus) / Court Collections Officer (NZ) 599212
Deer Farmer 121314
Defence Force Member – Other Ranks 441111
Defence Force Senior Officer 111212
Dental Hygienist 411211
Dental Prosthetist 411212
Dental Therapist 411214
Detective 441311
Director of Photography 212313
Diver 399911
Dog or Horse Racing Official 452318
Drama Teacher (Private Tuition) 249213
Dressmaker or Tailor 393213
Driller 712211
Driving Instructor 451211
Education Reviewer 249112
Electorate Officer 224911
Electronic Engineering Draftsperson 312411
Electronic Engineering Technician 312412
Electroplater 322112
Emergency Service Worker 441211
Engineering Patternmaker 323411
Engraver 323311
Entertainer or Variety Artist 211113
Environmental Health Officer 251311
Exercise Physiologist 234915
Film, Television, Radio and Stage Directors NEC 212399
Financial Institution Branch Manager 149914
Fire Fighter 441212
Fire Protection Equipment Technician 399918
First Aid Trainer 451815
Fisheries Officer 311311
Flight Attendant 451711
Floor Finisher 332111
Flying Instructor 231113
Food Technologist 234212
Funeral Director 451311
Funeral Workers NEC 451399
Futures Trader 222212
Gallery or Museum Technician 399311
Gas or Petroleum Operator 399212
Geophysicist 234412
Goat Farmer 121315
Golfer 452412
Graphic Pre-press Trades Worker 392211
Gunsmith 323312
Helicopter Pilot 231114
Historian 272411
Homoeopath 252212
Horse Trainer 361112
Human Resource Adviser 223111
Hydrogeologist 234413
Hydrographer 311415
ICT Support and Test Engineers NEC 263299
ICT Support Technicians NEC 313199
Importer or Exporter 133311
Insurance Investigator 599611
Insurance Risk Surveyor 599613
Intellectual Property Lawyer 271214
Intelligence Officer 224411
Interior Decorator 399912
Jockey 452413
Judge 271211
Kennel Hand 361115
Leather Goods Maker 393112
Legal Executive 599112
Liaison Officer 224912
Licensed Club Manager 141411
Life Scientist (General) 234511
Life Scientists NEC 234599
Light Technician 399513
Magistrate 271212
Maintenance Planner 312911
Marine Surveyor 231215
Marine Transport Professionals NEC 231299
Market Research Analyst 225112
Master Fisher 231211
Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson 312511
Media Producer (excluding Video) 212112
Metal Casting Trades Worker 322114
Metal Polisher 322115
Metallurgist 234912
Microbiologist 234517
Migration Agent (Aus) 224913
Mothercraft Nurse 411412
Multimedia Designer 232413
Music Director 211212
Music Professionals NEC 211299
Musical Instrument Maker or Repairer 399515
Natural and Physical Science Professionals NEC 234999
Nurse Researcher 254212
Nurseryperson 362411
Operating Theatre Technician 311214
Optical Dispenser (Aus) / Dispensing Optician (NZ) 399913
Optical Mechanic 399914
Other Sports Official 452323
Painter (Visual Arts) 211411
Park Ranger 234314
Parole or Probation Officer 411714
Pathology Collector (Aus) / Phlebotomist (NZ) 311216
Petroleum Engineer 233612
Plastics Technician 399916
Plumbing Inspector 312115
Police Officer 441312
Policy Analyst 224412
Policy and Planning Manager 132411
Potter or ceramic artist 211412
Prison Officer 442111
Procurement Manager 133612
Production Manager (Manufacturing) 133512
Public Relations Manager 131114
Quarantine Officer 311313
Radio Journalist 212414
Radio Presenter 212113
Railway Station Manager 149412
Regional Education Manager 134412
Research and Development Manager 132511
Retail Buyer 639211
Retirement Village Manager 141912
Safety Inspector 312611
Sail Maker 393113
Sales Representative (Industrial Products) 225411
Sales Representative (Medical and Pharmaceutical Products) 225412
Saw Maker and Repairer 323315
School Laboratory Technician 311414
Screen Printer 392112
Sculpter 211413
Senior Non-commissioned Defence Force Member 139211
Shearer 361211
Shoemaker 393114
Singer 211214
Small Offset Printer 392312
Sports Administrator 139915
Sports Umpire 452322
Stock and Station Agent 611112
Surveying or Spatial Science Technician 312116
Technicians and Trades Workers NEC 399999
Telecommunications Cable Jointer 342412
Telecommunications Technician 342414
Television Equipment Operator 399517
Television Presenter 212114
Training and Development Professional 223311
Translator 272413
Travel Agency Manager 142116
Travel Attendants NEC 451799
Tribunal Member 271213
Turf Grower 121218
Vehicle Painter 324311
Vocational Education Teacher (Non-Trades) 242211
Vocational Education Teacher (Trades) 242211
Web Developer 261212
Wholesaler 133312
Wood Turner 394214
Wool Buyer 639212
Wool Classer 399917
Workplace Relations Advisor 223113
Zookeeper 361114


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  1. Hello, I was hoping you can help. Me and My boyfriend are looking to enter australia on a visa using the skilled ocupation list but i am confused if his occupation has been removed or not. on most migrrant websites it is on the med to long term list but on one (visa berau) it is also on the list buty when i click on it it says this occupation is not on any list? The occuaption is Stone mason can you please confirm if what your thoughs are on this? Thankyou

  2. Dear Sir/Madam
    My name is Tikaram from Nepal. Now, I’m 38 years. I passed 1 Year Automobile course and Level 2 in Light Vehicle Mechanic from National Skill Testing Board Nepal. Now, I have been working in Technical School as a Teaching Aid and Auto Technician since 2005 AD. I have worked as a junior Motor Mechanic From 2000 to 2004 AD in Kathmandu Nepal. I worked as a Arc and Gas Welder belong Fabrication. I passed level 1 in Welding from NSTB Nepal.
    I scored 5 in IELTS from British Council Nepal.
    I want to go Australia using 457 visa in 321211 of Medium and Long‑term Strategic Skills List. How I Process and Where to be processing for Temporary skill visa. Plz inform me what are way for the processing. If you have any confusions inform me.
    I’m searching sponsors who invite there to work.

  3. Hi,
    I wish to seek state nomination visa 190 with University Tutor if restored to the STSOL in January 2018, is this possible, if yes, when will the Traffic Light changes to the STSOL take effect?
    Also, I have a positive skill assessment from for University Lecturer and this has the same assessment criteria for University Tutor, am I able to use my existing positive skill assessment (University Lecturer) for University Tutor, give that the two occupation are mutual and closely related?

  4. hello. i am a petroleum engineer with no job exerience and i am first year phd student in an austraian univeristy in malaysia. as petroleum eng has been removed from the list have i any chance to apply under chemical engineering with writing three CDR in engineering australia?

  5. after i got my positive skill assessment , the occupation i am applying for has been removed from the list ,, what am i suppose to do ?

    1. Unless you have already completed your EOI and received an invitation, you will need to wait for the occupation to return unfortunately

  6. Hello Mark,

    I am working as a assistant professor in an Engineering college, and I have positive skill assessment from VETASSIS for University Lecturer occupation even I have scored 7 in each section of IELTS what are my chances to get Australia PR, Also my husband’s sister n her family members are the citizens of Australia is this thing is beneficial to get any visa.

  7. Hi Mark,

    My husband and both are chartered accountants from India and looking forward to move to Australia eagerly. He submitted EoI in Mar 2017 with 70 points for PR 189. Does he stand any chance of getting invitation this year for PR visa 189 ? What is the ceiling for accountants general for the year 2017-18, is it 2500 or 5000 total accountants? Any thoughts would be helpful.

    Anamika Magan

  8. Hi, Mark! I am a Public Relations Professional. My formal experience started when I completed my graduation (Bachelors in Arts) back in 2003. Since then I have been working for different organizations. The problem is that after my graduation, I continued my qualification such as I completed my Masters (International Relations) in 2005, Masters of Philosophy-M.Phil in (Defense and Strategic Studies) and another Masters (Pubic Administration) from Japan in 2010. During all this time, I never remained unemployed. Even I got a full-time job in Tokyo while studying.

    The question is , ‘if i send my degrees to VETASSESS for complete skill assessment, will it bring negative consequences?’. For example, they will assess all my degrees and assume…all these degrees are more than the requirement. I am confused. I dont know what to do.

    If I only dispatch my Bachelors and first Masters degree for skill assessment, i believe it would equalize Australian Bachelors. What you suggest. Please help me Mark. Thank you in anticipation.

  9. Hi,
    I am an MBA graduate and 225113 (marketing specialist) is the job code. Presently it is listed only for SA. Could you please advice me when it is going to be listed with the other states.


  10. Hi there
    I have been assessed by Engineers Australia as Engineering technologist with 60 points.
    What are my chances to receive an invitation?

  11. My name is praise, I am studying public health leadership, I want to know if it’s among sol, which will enable me to PR as soon as I complete my studies.

  12. Hi Mark….Is Master of Business Information Technology still good for getting a PR? Regards,

  13. Dear Sir,
    I am automotive engine designer, having 13 years of experience. education background is masters in engine technology. there is any opening in automotive engine design.

  14. Hi Mark, I am Helen- a Nutritionist and dietitian from Nigeria while my husband is an Electrical engineering technician. How good are our chances of immigrating to Australia with him as the principal applicant? He has training in the oil and gas sector as an electrical engineering technician. Can he get a job in this sector?

    1. Hi Helen, Electrical Engineer is on the recently updated occupations list . On the basis that your husband meets the other criteria (aged 45 or under, good English, good health etc) then he has a good chance to qualify. :)

  15. Hi Mark
    Thanks for the informative information. My nominated position 312411 – Electronic Engineering Draftsperson has bee removed.
    How closely matched does your current role details have to match the details of an occupation to be acceptable? Say for instance my role matches 75% of the description, Would this be acceptable for an application via the 190 Nominated Skilled stream?

    1. Hi Bruce, it really comes down to the views of the assessment body responsible for assessing if your skills and experience are aligned with the alternative occupation. AT 75% you might be pushing the boundaries, to be honest (though that’s just my personal view).

  16. Do occupations taken off the list in 2016 have any chance of being readded to the skilled list for 2017-2018? Namely dental hygienist/dental Therapist. When is the July 2017 list released?

    1. Hi Di, occupations can return to the list, however, I think it would be unlikely to make a return so quickly after being removed. I don’t think we’ll see the new list until 1st July. We used to see it a month or so before however the changes in April seems to have changed that!

  17. Hi, I’m Pradeep, I’m on work visa in new zealand, and if I complete master degree in NZ unis, am I eligible to apply aus temporary visas?

    1. Hi Pradeep, the occupation you apply for will play the biggest part in the likelihood of you being able to apply under this visa class.

      1. Because my friend in India after completing masters applying a visa, he has to find job after moving only. I’m looking for similar kind of visas.

  18. Hi mark
    I am doing bachelor of hospitality management here in Australia, is there any chances or way to get PR in Australia through this course?

    1. Hi Sudip, to qualify for PR, you need an occupation that Australia considers in demand. Looking at the MLTSSL (the list that governs the occupations that qualify for PR). There doesn’t appear to be any occupation with an immediate or obvious link to your course. With that said. This doesn’t mean the MLTSSL won’t have more appropriate occupations listed by the time you finish your course.

  19. Hy my name is Kamran Martin. You can call me Martin, i am doing my Master of commerce(Marketing) and want to serve australia as i am catholic from Pakistan. live minority there. SOL didnt include Marketing or any commerce occupation. Why is that? If someone has done his masters from Australia and he or she want to serve this Great Nation Australia then how Australia miss these educated persons to leave the country.

    1. Hi, Martin, it really comes down to the needs of the country at the time, the number of job opportunities and the skill sets required to fill these job opportunities.

      If there are say, (hypothetically speaking) 1000 Marketing roles advertised a year in Australia and there are 1001 people already living in Australia with the necessary skills to fulfil these roles, then the occupation will not be considered a skill in demand which is the key criteria to see the occupation included on an occupations list to attract overseas migrants.

      Hope that makes sense??

      All the best


      1. What should i do now, either change a course or do the same i am doing. Because if there are 1000 marketing jobs, but they can give to the people who have studied the same course in their Masters. This cant be a sense that a person has done Diploma of marketing and serving as a assistant manager in a company or a firm. If i have done my MS in marketing then i must get a job in Australia. Not in Melbourne or sydney where there is population, but there where people are migrating and to make that place develop like Mel and Sydney. Please give a comment on this.

  20. What category does Clinical Research Manager (Working in Contract Research Organisation and Pharmaceutical Companies ( was this classified as Life Science)?

    1. Hi James, best to look at the job descriptions for the various roles listed here to narrow down the occupation type.

  21. Hi,
    my occupation (environmental health officer) has been removed entirely from the list. Is there any way for me now to get a permanent visa (any type) or there is no chance at all?
    Thank you

    1. If you are wanting to use your skill to apply then I’m afraid the news isn’t great David. Having a job on the occupations list is a key condition of applying via the skilled stream.

      With that said, keep in mind that the STSOL will be updated approx every 6 months and the MLTSSL list annually so the doors can open just as easily as they close. Good luck mate!

  22. my brother is a welder and he wants to come to australia direct PR, so he can apply or not please help?

    1. There are a number of Welder roles on the current MLTSSL list Sima so at time of typing, yes he can. Note though that this list will be revised between now and 1st July

  23. Dear Mr. Mark,


    My skill occupation is one of them that has been removed from the list.
    I have already done my positive skill assessment on 10th April 2017.
    I am able to apply for EOI or i am also not able to apply for EOI ?
    please let me know…


    1. Hi Sumit, you can apply for an EOI and if your occupation returns to one of the occupations it will be considered. Note your EOI will only be valid for 2 years before you need to complete a new one.

      1. Dear Mr. Mark,

        My occupation code in 223111.
        If i got positive EOI after that can i apply for visa into subclass 190 or i have to wait upto my occupation is not listed again into STSOL.
        Is there any chances to come back my occupation into the STSOL.


  24. Dear Mr. Mark,


    My skill occupation is one of them that has been removed from the list. Query is that this occupation skill is permanently removed or is there any chances for the July 2017 list.


      1. Hi
        I am a zoology post graduate from India with one year bachelor of education degree. I worked as a science teacher in schools for 3 years but from last 2 years I’m giving home tutions for biology and chemistry. I want to apply as a private tutor and teacher ( code 249299) . Could you suggest if I ‘m eligible for the same . My points are 60 without state nomination( 60 + 5 with state nomination) . Is there any scope of PR and job opportunities in this category ? My PTE score is 9 band overall: none less than 8.

        1. Hi, it’s pretty difficult to say with 100% certainty that you are eligible based on the information provided, however, the occupation is listed on the STSOL list so short-term opportunities may be made available.

          With regards to the job opportunities. The fact the occupation is on the list of occupations in demand is a good start, however, it’s difficult to forecast when or if the vacancies will become available. I would encourage you to visit websites such as or to identify appropriate jobs offering sponsorship.