Juniors picking up the accents

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As those of you who have been following the Blog for some time will already know, one of the main reasons why we choose to move to Australia when we did is because we wanted our four year old son to get into the Aussie ‘system’ at as early a stage as possible.

We’ve always joked that it wouldn’t be long before he’s talking like an Aussie but surprisingly, after only 4 months it’s already started to happen.

The class he is in at Kindergarten has quite a few Australian kids in it, and when you add in the extra ingredient of an Australian teacher it’s no real surprise that he’s started to pick up on the odd word.

With Easter being around the corner, one of his most prominent Aussie-isms is the Word Easter Bunny which is pronounced Easter Baaarny, Daddy has started to become Daaydy, and yes has started to become yea.

It’s kinda cute and we are trying really hard not to stop in our tracks and ask him to say it again when he comes out with a new Aussie-ism just in case the poor little mite becomes paranoid.

Having a daddy originating from Yorkshire I thought that the accent would be so over powering that he’d never pick up on the Aussie accents.

 Even after only one month it looks like the two days a week at Kindi seem to be doing the trick :)

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