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The first race of the Formula one season took place this weekend and I watched the TV coverage live from Melbourne on channel 10.

I’ve always enjoyed watching F1 coverage on television although the frequency of my viewings has reduced somewhat since ITV won the rights over the Beeb and choose to introduce ads at inopportune moments.

I also missed Murray Walker who decided to hang up the headphones and retire from F1 commentary back in 2001. Since those days watching a race had never really been the same either.

How positively delighted was I then, when I heard Murrays dulcet and yet familiar tones at the beginning of Channel Tens coverage.

Yes, it would seem that Murray didn’t hang up his microphone for good back in 2001 but has instead signed a deal with Channel ten to cover the Australian Grand Prix

Sure, Murray won’t be doing 18 or 19 races a year with lots of long haul flights in between, but he did make a special effort to cover the Australian Grand Prix and for that I am very grateful.

Some of my Favorite “Murrayisms”

  • “And just to clarify, Häkkinen leads and has yet to stop, Coulthard leads and has yet to stop”
  • “Now we go into lap 53, the penultimate last lap but one.”
  • “Excuse me while I interrupt myself…”
  • “With half the race gone, there’s half the race still to go.”
  • “If the gloves weren’t off before—and they were—they sure are now!”
  • “That’s a good stop. Just under 10 seconds. Call it 9.7 in round figures.”
  • “Now he must not go the wrong way round the circuit and unless he can spin himself stationary through 360 degrees I fail to see how he can avoid doing so.”
  • “And now the boot is on the other Schumacher!”
  • “Now Laffite is as close to Surer as Surer is to Laffite.”
  • “There’s a difference of only one second between these two cars …one… that’s how long a second is”
  • “I should imagine that the conditions in those cars are totally unimaginable.”
  • ” ‘If’ is a very long word in Formula One; in fact, ‘if’ is F1 spelled backwards.”
  • ” Watch the lights appear to countdown the start! —One light! —Two lights! —Three lights! —Four lights! —Five laps!”
  • “The interesting thing about this circuit is that it has inclines; not just up, but down as well.”
  • “This has been a mediocre season for Nelson Piquet, as he is now known, and always has been.”
  • “And the track temperature has in fact risen in degrees!”
  • “And here comes Damon Hill in the Williams. This car is absolutely unique—except for the one following it, which is identical.”
  • “Do my eyes deceive me or is Senna’s Lotus sounding a bit rough?”
  • “Tambay’s hopes, which were nil before, are now absolutely zero.”
  • “Alboreto into the pits and I’m going to stop the startwatch!”
  • “And it’s a sad ending, albeit a happy one, at Montreal for today’s Grand Prix”
  • “It’s the first time Schumacher’s won here since 1959” (Michael Schumacher was born in 1969)
  • “Schumacher in the McLaren, Häkkinen in the Ferrari.” (At the time, Schumacher was a Ferrari driver and Häkkinen was a McLaren driver)
  • (Approaching Bernie Ecclestone) “Bernie, it’s some 17 years since you bought McLaren, you’ve had some good times, you’ve had some bad times, what do you remember best?” Bernie replies: “I don’t remember buying McLaren…” Murray: “I’ve done it again, haven’t I?”
  • On Gerhard Berger’s Ferrari failing at Suzuka 93 “That’s Ayrton Berger!”
  • “Mansell knows exactly where Senna is because he can see him in his earphone.”
  • “Seven of the previous champions are on the starting line, and four of them are Michael Schumacher”

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