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Latest Site Outages - gettingdownunder forum down - Getting Down Under Denial, denial of service, denial of service dos, denial of service dos attack, fingers and toes, loving life, outageHi All. Just a short note to explain the recent outage experienced at Getting Down Under recently.

Unfortunately and for reasons still to be understood, GDU became a victim of a Denial-Of-Service (DOS) attack which ultimately caused our site to go offline and then remain offline for the past three days.

When we became aware of the matter, we contacted our host who spent some time trying to unsuccessfully rectify the problem resulting in the only alternative being to change to a new server environment.

Thankfully, we are finally back on line and I really hope (fingers and toes crossed) that this is the last of the matter. We have had to re-point the web address to the new server though so depending on where you are in the world it may still take 24 hours or so before the website is completely available.

For future info (since it’s impossible to communicate with any of you when the site goes down) I publish updates to the Getting Down Under Twitter account at :

You don’t need to ‘follow us’ (although you will get instant updates if you do) however please feel free to book mark this URL for future reference.

Thanks again for your patience. It’s very much appreciated.

All the best for your endeavours to Get Down Under and I hope your loving life in Australia if you’re already here :)



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