Laura Bingle Topless proving a big hit at getting down under

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I’ve been dabbling with websites for a number of years but this is the first time that I’ve run a website as a diary or blog as they are more commonly know.

Since we launched the site in January visitor numbers are slowly starting to increase. The stats for the number of people currently visiting the site stand at:

January – 32,
February – 90,
March – 374,
April – 513,
May – 800 (at time of typing).

I’m tring to make the content light hearted and provide some useful immigration advice for folks wanting to emigrate to Australia. The forums are proving quite popular since I added them last month to.

My web site logs enable me to see what people are searching for when visiting gettingdownunder via a search engine such as google or MSN..

What do you think they are searching for? Visa Advice, info on where to live in Australia?

Nope, our good friend Laura Bingle from the “where the bloody hell are you” Australian tourist board adverts seems to be one of the biggest draws to the site.

Our more artistic *cough*pervie*cough* visitors are coming here trying to find Laura Bingle Topless or Laura Bingle naked.

I’m sorry guys but if you want to see see a picture of Laura Bingle Topless or Laura Bingle naked then you’ll be looking for a very long time. :)

Following on from the now infamous Laura, the next (slightly more relivant terms) are:

taking cats to australia
taking pets to australia
evaluation of the general skilled migration categories march 2006
noosar australia
australian migration forums

Now thats more like it.

I’ll post further updates on numbers and obscure surfing habits as the site continues to mature.

It’ll also be interesting to see how many new Laura Bingle fans this post will bring to the site. Perhaps browsing around the site may encourage some more folks to start the journey to a new life down under.

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  1. Thanks for the feedback Nevamynde – Still, most of the people who view this post get here searching for LAURA BINGLE so for these folks, I’m glad we got the spelling a little wrong ;)

    1. YEP !!! … it’s Lara Bingle … L_A_R_A ……. Where The Bloody Hell Did You Get LAURA from !!!???!!?!

      1. I get that now mate but at the time I’d never really paid too much attention to Ms Bingle so spelt Lara in the more traditional sense ;)

  2. Hey! very good. I’m a pervie cough laura bingle customer. In my defence, I’m following the trail from late night live. First time I’ve been fingered for my search habits, so chapeau!