Legislation changes – No need to panic!

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15 February 2009 Legislation ChangeJust under a week ago I wrote about some planned changes to the Australian Immigration legislation.

There were some concerns that these changes could cause problems for folks currently undertaking the migration process but thankfully it’s nothing to get to excited about.

The legislation  changes announced today are titled:

Amendments in relation to special purpose visas, reporting deadlines for ships, and round trip cruises


Amendments to the Migration Regulations 1994 in relation to time frames for reporting on passengers and crew members on ships due to arrive in Australia

By the looks of things, these recent changes in legislation appear to have been brought into effect to stop people boarding ships and not going through the necessary Immigration clearence when porting with Australia. A loop hole thats been filled by the looks of things.

Still, panic over… for now! :)

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I learnt that there will be a changes in the skills assessment for Diploma of Community Welfare… can someone throw some light on proposed changes and new points list..



Hi, Guys,, I am studying Diploma in Community welfare at Sydney ,, I am worried about my skill assessment point will be changed ! my asco code is 2512-11 , can anybody send such link where we can find what skill points will be changed for this occupation ?



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