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    Is Australia Too Boring For Ping-Pong Poms?

    Quite an interesting artice over on the Guardian Website about the number of English people who emigrate to Australa only to move back to the UK some later. The article by Patrick Barkham does talk about the wonders of Australia, such as the benefit of not having to wear socks :) but also cites how […] More

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    Emigrating to Australia – An Exciting Venture

    The welcoming country down under summons you to have a look at its great landscapes, rough mountains, lovely, warm climate and abundant way of life. Australia certainly has the most excellent elements to have a convenient and comfortable life. Perhaps these are the main reasons why it has continued to be a favorite holiday destination. More

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    Is Australia a Racist Country?

    So before I even begin to tackle this sensitive subject, let me give you a little context behind the purpose of this article. Today the federal government said the Indian media is unlikely to show restraint when reporting on alleged racism in Australia. India’s foreign ministry has called on its media to exercise restraint when […] More

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    Australian Budget – What could it mean for you?

    As we mentioned yesterday, the Federal Government released their budget last night so instead of going through the reams of data coming out of the budget line by line and boring you to death, I thought I’d provide a very (sky) high summary of some of the key points which may be of interest to […] More

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    Australia versus the UK – Is Australia really the answer?

    As the British economy hits rock bottom, thousands of skilled workers are looking abroad to start up a brighter, more stable life in a different economy. Traditionally, Australia and New Zealand have been a favourite destination for British skilled migrants, but it seems now their economies are also feeling the rippling effects of the American […] More

  • $42 Billion stimulus package announced

    We’re well past Christmas however Kevin Rudds Government continues with the handouts, announcing today that Low and middle-income earners will receive a $950 bonus as part of an extra $42 billion of spending in its latest bid to defy the economic gravity that is dragging down economies around the world. The spending package, over the […] More

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    Australian Tourism office launches new walkabout campaign

    Do you remember the ‘Where the bloody hell are you ads’ which became more famous for Lara Bingles use of the word ‘bloody’ instead of the content itself? Well, the guys at the Australian tourism office have kicked off a new and (in my opinion) very fresh looking walkabout campaign which markets Australia as the […] More