List Of Australian Companies Willing To Sponsor
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List Of Australian Companies Willing To Sponsor

We’ve been running this website for over 14 years and fair to say that we have received numerous requests for a list of Australian companies willing to sponsor. The problem that our visitors face is that, in general, they don’t live in Australia (a shocking statement I know) so they don’t know where to look. The other problem that exists is Australian companies (that are willing to sponsor), don’t know the name of the popular job boards used in other countries that attract people looking for Sponsored jobs in Australia so they can’t actively advertise to potential candidates seeking sponsorship in Australia. 

The net result is that they advertise on the Australian job sites that Australian employers are familiar with; however, potential candidates are not, so there is a big disconnect between the Australian companies willing to sponsor and the candidates seeking sponsorship.

List of Australian companies willing to sponsor

When looking for sponsored jobs in Australia, it’s essential to know whether an employer can sponsor you. It isn’t enough that your occupation is on the skilled list. Employers in Australia who wish to sponsor employees must meet strict eligibility criteria and register their interest in sponsoring candidates with the Australian migration department.

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Australian Employers List Offering Sponsorship
Finding Employers willing to sponsor can be a hard task without the right tools

The next challenge is that although employers need to register the fact that they are willing to sponsor, the Australian government does not list this information publically. SO how do you find a list of Australian companies willing to sponsor? This is where we can help. 😊

Since 2016 we have been publishing jobs on where the Australian company is willing to Sponsor. Although a definitive list of Australian companies willing to sponsor isn’t available, we have been able to provide a consolidated job board where every job advertised is offering sponsorship.

Finding jobs offering Sponsorship

We do this by automatically trawling the largest job sites in Australia at numerous times during the day. During this trawling exercise, our job spider searches for job adverts that indicate that the company is willing to sponsor. We use over 40 different search terms (as an example, “482 sponsorship available” or “willing to sponsor” If the job advertisement meets these criteria we take a snapshot of the job advert, add it to our job board database and include a link back to the original job advert so you can apply.

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Where the job adverts may be a little vague, we place these into a queue for manual ‘cleansing’. We found that in some instances, jobs advertised as offering sponsorship sometimes actually aren’t. In this scenario, we review these jobs and manually remove the ones offering sponsorship that clearly cannot (eg. part-time house cleaner). Once we’ve checked this list, we’ll add the legitimate jobs where the companies are willing to sponsor to our database so you can view these sponsored jobs here or by clicking the banner below.

Find Sponsored Jobs In Australia



Written by Mark

As the founder of Getting Down Under, Mark is passionate about demystifying the process associated with a move to Australia. Having launched Getting Down Under in early January 2006 and made the move to Australia from the UK in the same year, Mark continues to share resources and support for those looking for assistance. If you have a question for Mark, please post in our Community Forums. Please note All information provided on Getting Down Under should be considered in conjunction with our disclaimer. Please seek professional advice if you have any doubts! 

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  1. Hi Mark, I just returned to the uk last year after doing my WHV in Australia. I am hoping to get back out there but would need a job willing to sponsor me. I am currently a welfare manager and have been in this position for over a year now.
    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  2. Hey Mark, my fionce is a US citizen who works as mechanical plant engineer. He has plenty years of experience and is 27 years old this year. I was wondering if you knew of any places that are able to hire him? He has expertise in manager positions, supervising and more.

  3. Hi Mark im currently living in Australia but i have a friend in South Africa that wants to move here but i can’t sponsor him because we aren’t related or partners any suggestion. Thanks

    • Hey Wesley – If sponsorship isn’t then it really depends on what their occupation is and if they can apply independently without sponsorship. If they have a skill in demand there could be a number of options but without more detail it’s difficult to say.

  4. Good day Mark

    Senior systems engineer,Bsc degree with 16 years experience
    I am currently living in Johannesburg, South Africa, hoping to move to Australia
    My wife has a degree in Food Service Management.

  5. My daughter is 21 she did nurse aide, interior deco and massage she is also looking for an opportunity to migrate to Australia if possible. Any assistance she can get. How can she do that.

  6. Hi Mark, was checking on critical skills, but failed to find mine. I am a truck driver willing to work in Australia. If I can possibly get sponsored Visa would highly appreciate. Thanks in advance for assistance.

  7. I work for the ambulance service repairing the ambulance vehicles.
    We tried to move a couple of years ago but unable to secure a job.
    Now I’m over 45 do hard to get there now unless sponsorship is available.
    Is there any jobs working in st John’s ambulance service repairing their vehicles

  8. Hi my husband is qualified 360 excavator driver has his cpcs he us 42 i have 16yrs experience as a Finance Director but only have an aat and business a level what are our best options to gain a visa to work in Australia. Looking to start exploring our options to work and li e in Australia for 2 years as a life experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated Many Thanks

  9. Hi Mark,

    Not sure if my comment was posted.

    I would like to find out where we will be able to obtain a critical skills list for rural areas in Australia? Also – is sponsorship an option?

    My friend is a Dentist with his own private practice and he is interested in relocating to Australia, working for the Government in rural areas if possible. He is willing to consult and work on any ethnic/cultural groups.

    Would appreciate if you can please provide me with information as well as other state contact details.

  10. Good day,
    I would like to find out where we will be able to obtain a critical skills list for rural areas in Australia? Also – is sponsorship an option?

    My friend is a Dentist with his own private practice and he is interested in relocating to Australia, working for the Government in rural areas if possible. He is willing to consult and work on any ethnic/cultural groups.

    Would appreciate if you can please provide me with information as well as other state contact details.

  11. Enquiring for a friend. Currently he is on a bridging visa A subclass 010. He’s a dental technician being sponsored by a dental clinic. That clinic is changing ownership and the new owner doesn’t need a technician. He has worked for the business in rural Victoria for almost 3 years. Are there any dental tecnician sponsorship positions available?

  12. Good morning to you Mark, i am looking for a job with companies based in Australia that may deal or have interests with Southern and Central Africa mining houses. I currently deal extensively with mining houses in supplies and mechanical repair works in Zambia and DRC at present, and know i can be an asset to any company in Australia that may require somebody to travel for them in these areas promoting there companies and services.

  13. Hi, I am looking for sponsorship in the ITC Security industry. I have 13years experience in cyber security industry and have received a successful skill assessment from the Australian Computer Society in ITC Security as well as Superior English mark in PTE, Any advise would be appreciated.

  14. Hi Mark I’m a registered nurse with 4 years work experience in my country ZAMBIA.
    Is it possible that you can assist me with an agent that sponsors overseas nurses.
    THANKS alot in advance.

  15. Hi Mark,

    How would we go about finding someone within the painting trade in the UK NVQ Level 3 with 5 years experience to come to Australia for work and offer a potential sponsorship? Is this something you would help with or can you recommend an agency that we could speak to in order to find the perfect applicant?


    Sean & Tracey

  16. I am hoping to move to Australia but I’m am
    looking to continue working in the construction industry. I am a roofer, covering slating, tiling, lead work and flat roofing. Where is the best place to look for work and sponsorship? Can anyone help?

  17. Iam bachelor of commerce graduate from india,iam interested to migrate Australia its my dream,can u advice me for further sponsorship job process , I need job
    Detail-oriented, and accounting professional, seeking the position of a Accountant to use my
    knowledge and 4+ years of experience with different accounting duties, and assisting the
    accounting department in daily operations.

  18. Hi Mr. Mark good to see you. I’m Naveen Silver Star.M from India. I’m a Physiotherapist with 7 years of experiences looking for a sponsor. Can you guide me out.

  19. Helo am a professional painter,screeder, wallpaper installer,panel installer, tilling contractor,pop, etc,am from Nigeria looking for sponsorship to work in Australia

  20. Hi
    I from India
    I am interested in getting a sponsor.
    I have ITI Diploma in Plumbing and I have 1.5 years experience in UAE and 9 month experience in india & sells men plumbing sowroom tel date.

  21. Hi Mark ,i am a qualified Instrumentation technician,10 years experience in industrial and mining,hold an Advanced diploma in industrial automation from EIT Australia.How do i get a sponsored visa to Australia .My name is Tapiwa from South -snipped for privacy –

  22. My name is Goddey Oserime from Nigeria I have B.Eng in materials and metallurgical engineering with experience in oil and gas pipeline insulation with little experience in crude accounting. How can I get a sponsor in by companies in Australia.

  23. Hi Mark,
    I am very interested to migrate to Australia asap. I am currently working as IT consultant with 12 years of experience in DMS and BPM industry. Earlier roles were pre-sales, Business Analyst lead and technical roles. How can I win a sponsorship ? Please help me to find a way out.

  24. Hi Mark,
    I’m interested to migrate to Australia, I’m a seasonal heavy duty painter/ blaster.currently working for Hitachi construction machinery Zambia for a duration of 8yrs.I have my sister in Sydney who works for the government and is a permanent resident for more than twenty years. How can I win a sponsorship?
    My regards

  25. Hi Mark. I am a qualified rigger. 10 years in the field but five years post qualified. 38 years old. How can I apply for a sponsored visa. My email address is -snipped for privacy –

  26. Hi I am an Indian registered nurse still working in U. A. E. I have 10 years of experience in medical Surgical ward. Got my positive skills assessment and APHRA registration. What are my chances of getting PR or sponsored job during this situation. I have 65 points only

  27. Hi, What are the chance’s of getting a job sponsor for my husband. He has passed his skills assessment as a Sales and Marketing Manager and looking to take his English Test.

    The company he currently works for does not offer sponsorship for his position as a Area/Regional Sales Manager, but does have a vacancy in the next few months.

    What would you advise for our next steps?

  28. Hi,my name is Esther Esther nyakairu and would like to work with elderly that’s my passion is there any company that can sponsor me ,I’m from kenya a mother of 4 .Thank you!

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