Lots of people moving to Western Australia – Where will they all go?

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I’ve just been watching a story on the news this afternoon about the influx of migrants into Western Australia.

According to figures produced by the clever statistitions at the Federal Department of Immigration and Citizenship; Western Australia accounted for 14.1 percent of all new settler arrivals in Australia.

It seems Western Australias ‘booming economy and lifestyle’ are the big draws and out of the 160,000 migrants expected to come to Australia in the current financial year, a large portion are expected to call Western Oz their home.

Now I may not have the breath of statistics that the Federal Department of Immigration (OK, I had about 100 votes) but our poll (at time of typing) indicated that over 35% of people who took part would be migrating to Western Australia once they obtain their Visa’s.

If my stats were a half decent representation of the actual spread of Migrants across Australia that’s an Extra 50,000 people coming to Western Australia in one year.

Makes you wonder where all the buggers will live. Perhaps we did choose the right time to buy a house after all!

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