Margaret River Wine Region Vacation Travel Guide

Margaret River Wine Region Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

The Margaret River region runs down the Western Australian coastline for over 80 miles, and stretches inland for a further 20. Busselton marks the beginning of one of Australia’s most scenic drives, Caves Road, which gets its name from the incredible limestone caves which honeycomb the region. Caves Road winds inland, through picturesque villages and historic timber towns, before arriving at the region’s main settlement, Margaret River.

Surrounded by coasts on three sides, and enjoying virtually rain-free summers, as a wine-growing region, Margaret River has been compared to France’s famous Bordeaux region. Cruise from cellar door to cellar door, sampling some of the most exciting Chardonnays, Shirazs and Cabernet Sauvignons on the planet.

At Margaret River’s northern end is Cape Naturaliste, a headland surrounded by secluded spots, like Bunker Bay, Eagle Bay and Meelup Beach. Between June and December, the lookout points around the lighthouse make this cape a fabulous place to spot whales.

Cape Naturaliste marks the start of one of Australia’s most beautiful walking trails, the Cape to Cape track. The track follows beaches and cliff tops, and strings together many places, which still retain their Aboriginal names. The Margaret River region’s southern end is marked by the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, where below, the waves of the Indian and Southern Oceans meet.

Margaret River is one of those rare destinations that’s a feast for all the senses, with tastes, touches, sights and sounds you’ll savor, for the rest of your days.

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As a domestically well-travelled Aussie, I can easily say it’s one of the top 5 ‘must visit’ regions of Australia. Stunning scenery (the beaches are amazing), exceptional food and wine, geographical diversity and great people.

Gerald Tisch

The world's beauty is so overwhelming.

Genyfer Spark

God I love this place. I love how it’s got beaches, rain Forrest, fields of flowers, rivers. I get the train from Perth to bundbury then drive to Margaret river. Forgot about those: the caves. I remember spending a whole day and was surprised by the amount of water in them even though they were in the bush! Okay you got me crying now. I must miss it more than I want to admit! My soul so much needs this :(

De U

Australia is blessed with so much to do and see that it could take a lifetime to explore it all


The car museum was out of the world.

Pedro Dentella

Me gusta el pito

Christine Merrifield

I love my home

Sian Khalid


outstanding unique scenic destination small villages very ideal

Karl Candido

one of my favourite places :)

Steve R

Love to see some more about the Bunbury region

WA Holiday Guide

Great description of various attractions!

Brian Lau

Wanna pack my bag and start exploring WA!!

Farid Cheqqaoui

nice vedeo from morocco allo fes transport touristique maroc

al arafat

aussie aussie aussie

Rodney Moo

Will there be one for Alice Springs and Uluru? =D

Lovely video. I would love to visit here next time when i visit perth. Can expedia please do a video for Calgary, Canada please? :) And where Can i get this music of this video, its super chilling and I love it!

when the Uzbekistan ? I want to see video about my country

can you guys do Barcelona, tel avi

Another great video, Expedia! Good job, and keep it up!

Are you guys ever gonna do any Colombian cities? Cartagena, Bogota??

2nd cmt, I wanna go there

I love Western Australia (some of my family live there)! And first in the comments section!

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