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mechanical enginner competency demonstartion report cdr templateIf you are a qualified mechanical engineer looking to emigrate to Australia then download this free Mechanical Engineer Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) template to help you get started.

Our mechanical Engineer CDR will help you create your own CDR prior to submitted to Engineers Australia. We’re providing a copy of this CDR to help you better understand the types of information Engineers Australia will be looking for when assessing your skills.

Our mechanical engineers CDR covers all the sections required for your CDR including the format for your career episodes

Download our FREE Mechanical Engineer CDR template by clicking the link below:

FREE Mechanical Engineer CDR Template

All our Free CDR templates are provided in PDF format. You’ll need a PDF reader to open these files which if you don’t already have can be downloaded from the adobe website by clicking here (free of charge of course).

Please remember to use our Mechanical Engineer CDR as a guide only

A mechanical engineer applicant who submits a CDR for skills assessment to Engineers Australia must make a signed declaration stating that the CDR is all their own work and is a true representation of their personal competence. If someone gets their CDR written by someone else or copies a CDR, then the declaration which the applicant will be signing and submitting with their application will be false.

To your success!

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Sir, do you have CDR for Mechanical Engineering “Student”?


no download button ..Sir


Hello Mark, when I opened the downloaded file, it’s only a guideline not the actual CDR. Is this correct?


Tnx for this file


Do you have a CDR for centrifugal pump application engineer ?


kindly is there a CDR for maintenance engineer specialized in rotating equipment?
kindly try to help
Best Regards


i have downloaded successfully…good job MARK


I can not download.. Please help


after comenting, it showed up


I couldnt see the button either.

lkjlj Jha

Where is Mechanical CDR brother?????????????Are you making people fool????????????

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