• engrugomech posted an update 10 months, 1 week ago

    Also since I have been working, I haven’t received any tax certificate from my company and tax is been deducted from my salary every month

    • Is this for an Australian company? You will normally receive one tax certificate annually (normally around July)

      • Thanks Mark for your comment. It is a Nigerian company. What I really need to understand is what documents can make up employment documentary evidence. Apart from reference letter.

        • Also between HR supervisor and Departmental Manager, who is in the best position to endorse the reference letter?

        • Hi, sorry for the delay, additional evidence would include performance reviews, letters of offers and promotion letters)
          • Historical career profile showing you career
          progression within the organisation
          • Details of the formal management training undertaken
          • Remuneration for the last three years etc .

          As for who should endorse the reference letter, I would be inclined to select based on seniority of the two people you have mentioned.

          • Hi Mark,

            Thanks for the reply.

            Please i have a little confusion:I am trying to lodge in my CDR application with EA,I studied Mechanical Engineering in my first degree.My Job experience appear to be closely related to Industrial Engineering.When i opened EA MSA page,i discovered that there are 3 specialization under Mechanical Engineer(Air conditioning engineer,Heating and ventilation engineer ,Building services engineer) These are not related to my job responsibilities.I am into Quality control ,welding engineering and Fabrication.Please can still go ahead and apply under Mechanical engineer or Industrial engineer,Plant engineer or production engineer? Please i need your kind advice,i have already started the process.