• Jas Singh posted an update 8 months, 1 week ago

    @mark – Hi Mark, Hope you are doing good. Happy new Year.
    Two Question on subclass 189 for Software Engineers 261313
    I have submitted EOI on 28th Oct 2016 at 60 points. On 29th December 2016 My Experience has got increased that automatically changed my score to 65. So does this automatic update to 65 change my EOI date (date that will be considered to get an invite) to 29th December or EOI date (date that will be considered to get invitation) will remain the same 28th Sep 2016 because it was an automatic update ?
    Also i heard for 2016-17, occupation list for software engineers 261313 has reached occupation ceiling, Does that mean no more invitation will be sent ?
    Appreciate your response.

    • Hi Jas and sorry for the delay.

      If the extra points are based on period of employment then you should qualify for the extra points. However with regards to the occupation ceiling, once the ceiling has been reached no further invites will be offered for this occupation until the following immigration term (1st July 2017 onwards)