• Service posted an update in the group Engineers Australia 1 year ago

    I wanted to get some information regarding immigration to australia.
    I am from Egypt holding a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering but working as an Automation and Control Engineer for more than 4 years.
    1- which ANZCO should i apply to for immigration, 233311 “Electrical Engineer” or 233513 “Production and Plant Engineer”?

    2- Is it possible to apply for both ANZCO at the same time?

    3- As indicated on the website, 233513 “Production and Plant Engineer” is flagged now, does this means that it will be removed in the next review which will be effective starting from 1st July 2017?

    4- If i applied for 233513 “Production and Plant Engineer” and during the process this ANZCO was removed from SOL, what will be my status?

    Thank you in advance