Merry Christmas

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Christmas in AustraliaHi Guys

I Just thought I’d take a second to wish you all the very best for Christmas.

Its our second Christmas here in Australia and it’s forecast to be a chilly 38 degrees Celsius today and an even more shivery 40 degrees C tomorrow :D

We’ve got a pretty lazy day planned. Now we have our own place it’ll be nice to take a break with the family and do a whole lot of…well nothing.

OK, well, I’ll get chance to do nothing once I’ve finished putting the trampoline that we bought junior for Christmas together. I thought the barbecue came in a big box.

Speaking of barbecues, we’re going to cook the turkey on the barbie today. Could prove to be an interesting exercise but hey, how difficult can it be ;)

Take it easy folks and working on the basis I don’t give myself a nasty bout of food poisoning then I hope to be back with you very soon :)

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