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    Should You Emigrate to Australia? – A Personal View

    There are plenty of people wondering whether to emigrate to Australia. The lure of a new life with higher living standards and better prospects for your children has always been a big draw for new migrants. But as someone who decided successfully to emigrate to Australia from the UK, what really motivated me was to hear the stories of those who had gone before me. More

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    Australian employment boost creates new sense of economic security

    Australian employers unexpectedly added 32,200 workers in July, bucking expectations that the jobless rate would continue to rise. In positive news for both Australian residents and skilled workers looking to emigrate to Australia, the country’s unemployment rate remained at 5.8 per cent for July, despite economists predicting that the seasonally adjusted rate would reach at […] More

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    Australian Immigration – Not much happening

    Hey all. Not much to write about in the world of Australian immigration so I thought I’d write a little entry just to say hi. I have a number of Google news alerts set up under various Australian Immigration categories on the basis that if anything happens then I’ll get to know about it quite […] More

  • Getting Down Under Australia

    Skilled Migration – Dispelling the Myths

    Alan Collett at Go Matilda often writes a good article and his more recent article;   ‘skilled migration, dispelling the myths’ is no exception. Within the article, Alan talks about some of the misconceptions now held by people looking to make the move down under following the announced changes to the skilled migration program made […] More

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    Migration Agents – Migrant numbers need to increase to support infrastructure projects

    The Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) has warned the government that work on infrastructure projects will be difficult to accomplish following the decision to put restrictions on the skilled migration program. While the MIA welcomed the Australian immigration ministers decision to increase the number of humanitarian and family reunion Australian visas for the 2009/10 Migration […] More

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    Beginning a life in Australia booklets now available

    The Australian Immigration Authority has recently published the latest edition of their booklet titled “Beginning a life in Australia”. The booklets welcome newly-arrived migrants to Australia and provide useful national, state/territory and local settlement information. This information is available to download in PDF format and is provided in English and 37 community languages for each […] More

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    Studying your way to a Permanent Australian Visa

    Emigrating to Australia has always been a pretty hard thing to do. Unfortunately for many, the recent economic climate has made these challenges even greater. All is not lost though as there are still other options available. One such option being the Australian Student visa. The folks at the have written a good article […] More

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    Occupations removed from South Australian sponsored visa programs

    So the ACT and NT have already announced their changes to their sponsered visa programs so it was only a matter of time before South Australia followed Suite. Important changes have been made to the South Australian sponsored visa programs, with occupations removed from both the Permanent Sponsorship list and the Provisional Sponsorship list. The […] More

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    More changes to skilled occupations lists announced

    Following the news we posted on Friday about Important changes to Australian skilled-sponsored visas for ACT and NT. It looks like the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and the Northern Territory (NT) governments are at it again with a number of amendments to their skilled occupations lists being announced. After removing five occupations as part of […] More

  • Australia Australia The Land Down Under

    New Zealanders won’t be affected by Australian skilled migration cutback

    After cutbacks to the Australian skilled migration program this week, former New Zealand Immigration Minister Aussie Malcolm reassured New Zealanders that they would still be able to continue emigrating to Australia. The Australian Government last week announced the Australian skilled migration program would be reduced by nearly 18,000 to 115,000 places, in order to ease […] More

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    Australian IT skills shortages remain despite recession

    While IT professionals have been losing thousands of jobs in the industry because of the global recession, applications for IT jobs in Australia have increased by 20 per cent, reports The Australian. Despite the growing unemployment numbers, huge numbers of people are emigrating to Australia while Senator Chris Evans keeps the migration quota at this […] More

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    Slowing Australian economy to reduce number of migrant places

    An interesting post made on our forums has been getting quite a bit of attention recently. The story goes that Chris Evans, the Australian Immigration minister has announced that Australia will cut its annual immigration intake for the first time in eight years due to the slowing economy and weakening demand for labour. The story […] More

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