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MLTSSL – Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List

View the 2017 – 2018 MLTSSL – Updated 1st July 2017

The MTSSL or the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List is a list, published by the Australian government, of occupations that qualify for consideration as part of an Applicants Australian Visa Application.

If you are looking to emigrate to Australia under one of the permanent skilled Visa Schemes, you will need to have an occupation posted on the MLTSSL.

Occupations on the MLTSSL

Occupations that appear on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) are listed below in alphabetical order for ease of reference. This list is valid from 1st July 2017

Occupation ANZSCO Code List Type Assessing Authority
Accountant (General)*** 221111 MLTSSL CPAA/ IPA/CAANZ
Aeronautical Engineer 233911 MLTSSL Engineers Australia
Agricultural Consultant 234111 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Agricultural Engineer 233912 MLTSSL Engineers Australia
Agricultural Scientist 234112 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Airconditioning & Mechanical Services Plumber 334112 MLTSSL TRA
Airconditioning & Refrigeration Mechanic 342111 MLTSSL TRA
Analyst Programmer 261311 MLTSSL ACS
Architect 232111 MLTSSL AACA
Audiologist 252711 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Automotive Electrician 321111 MLTSSL TRA
Barrister 271111 MLTSSL a legal admissions
Biochemist 234513 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Biomedical Engineer 233913 MLTSSL Engineers Australia
Biotechnologist 234514 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Boat Builder & Repairer 399111 MLTSSL TRA
Botanist 234515 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Bricklayer 331111 MLTSSL TRA
Cabinetmaker 394111 MLTSSL TRA
Cardiologist 253312 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Cardiothoracic Surgeon 253512 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Carpenter 331212 MLTSSL TRA
Carpenter & Joiner 331211 MLTSSL TRA
Cartographer 232213 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Chef*** 351311 MLTSSL TRA
Chemical Engineer 233111 MLTSSL Engineers Australia
Chief Executive or Managing Director*** 111111 MLTSSL AIM
Chief Information Officer 135111 MLTSSL ACS
Child Care Centre Manager 134111 MLTSSL TRA
Chiropractor 252111 MLTSSL CCEA
Civil Engineer 233211 MLTSSL Engineers Australia
Civil Engineering Draftsperson 312211 MLTSSL Engineers Australia/ VETASSESS
Civil Engineering Technician 312212 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Clinical Haematologist 253313 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Clinical Psychologist 272311 MLTSSL APS
Computer Network & Systems Engineer 263111 MLTSSL ACS
Conservator 234911 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Construction Project Manager 133111 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Corporate General Manager*** 111211 MLTSSL AIM
Dermatologist 253911 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Developer Programmer 261312 MLTSSL ACS
Diagnostic & Interventional Radiologist 253917 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Diesel Motor Mechanic 321212 MLTSSL TRA
Drainer 334113 MLTSSL TRA
Early Childhood (Pre-Primary School) Teacher 241111 MLTSSL AITSL
Economist 224311 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Educational Psychologist 272312 MLTSSL APS
Electrical Engineer 233311 MLTSSL Engineers Australia
Electrical Engineering Draftsperson 312311 MLTSSL Engineers Australia
Electrical Engineering Technician 312312 MLTSSL TRA
Electrician (General) 341111 MLTSSL TRA
Electrician (Special Class) 341112 MLTSSL TRA
Electronic Equipment Trades Worker 342313 MLTSSL TRA
Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (General) 342314 MLTSSL TRA
Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (Special Class) 342315 MLTSSL TRA
Electronics engineer 233411 MLTSLL Engineers Australia
Emergency Medicine Specialist 253912 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Endocrinologist 253315 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Engineering Manager 133211 MLTSSL Engineers Australia/AIM
Engineering Professionals (nec) 233999 MLTSSL Engineers Australia
Engineering Technologist 233914 MLTSSL Engineers Australia
Environmental Consultant 234312 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Environmental Engineer 233915 MLTSSL Engineers Australia
Environmental Manager 139912 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Environmental Research Scientist 234313 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Environmental Scientists (nec) 234399 MLTSSL VETASSESS
External Auditor 221213 MLTSSL CPAA/ IPA/CAANZ
Faculty Head 134411 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Fibrous Plasterer 333211 MLTSSL TRA
Fitter (General) 323211 MLTSSL TRA
Fitter & Turner 323212 MLTSSL TRA
Fitter-Welder 323213 MLTSSL TRA
Food technologist 234212 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Forester 234113 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Gasfitter 334114 MLTSSL TRA
Gastroenterologist 253316 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
General Practitioner 253111 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Geophysicist 234412 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Geotechnical Engineer 233212 MLTSSL Engineers Australia
Glazier 333111 MLTSSL TRA
Horse trainer 361112 MLTSSL TRA
Hydrogeologist 234413 MLTSSL VETASSESS
ICT Business Analyst 261111 MLTSSL ACS
ICT Security Specialist 262112 MLTSSL ACS
Industrial Engineer 233511 MLTSSL Engineers Australia
Intensive Care Specialist 253317 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Internal Auditor 221214 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Joiner 331213 MLTSSL TRA
Land Economist 224511 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Landscape Architect 232112 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Life scientist (General) 234511 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Life scientists (nec) 234599 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Lift Mechanic 341113 MLTSSL TRA
Locksmith 323313 MLTSSL TRA
Management Accountant 221112 MLTSSL CPAA/ IPA/CAANZ
Marine Biologist 234516 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Materials Engineer 233112 MLTSSL Engineers Australia
Mechanical Engineer 233512 MLTSSL Engineers Australia
Medical Diagnostic Radiographer 251211 MLTSSL ASMIRT
Medical Laboratory Scientist 234611 MLTSSL AIMS
Medical Oncologist 253314 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Medical Practitioners (nec) 253999 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Medical Radiation Therapist 251212 MLTSSL ASMIRT
Metal Fabricator 322311 MLTSSL TRA
Metal Machinist (First Class) 323214 MLTSSL TRA
Metallurgist 234912 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Meteorologist 234913 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Microbiologist 234514 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Midwife 254111 MLTSSL ANMAC
Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum) 233611 MLTSSL Engineers Australia
Motor Mechanic (General) 321211 MLTSSL TRA
Motorcycle Mechanic 321213 MLTSSL TRA
Multimedia Specialist 261211 MLTSSL ACS
Musician (Instrumental) 211213 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Natural and physical science professionals (nec) 234999 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Naval Architect 233916 MLTSSL Engineers Australia
Neurologist 253318 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Neurosurgeon 253513 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Nuclear Medicine Technologist 251213 MLTSSL ANZSNM
Nurse Practitioner 254411 MLTSSL ANMAC
Nursing Clinical Director 134212 MLTSSL ANMAC
Obstetrician & Gynaecologist 253913 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Occupational Therapist 252411 MLTSSL OTC
Ophthalmologist 253914 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Optometrist 251411 MLTSSL OCANZ
Organisational Psychologist 272313 MLTSSL APS
Orthopaedic Surgeon 253514 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Orthotist or Prosthetist 251912 MLTSSL AOPA
Osteopath 252112 MLTSSL ANZOC
Other Spatial Scientist 232214 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Otorhinolaryngologist 253515 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Paediatric Surgeon 253516 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Paediatrician 253321 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Painting Trades Workers 332211 MLTSSL TRA
Panelbeater 324111 MLTSSL TRA
Pathologist 253915 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Petroleum engineer 233612 MLTSSL Engineers Australia
Physicist 234914 MLTSSL VETASSESS (non-medical physicists only); ACPSEM (medical physicists only)
Physiotherapist 252511 MLTSSL APC
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon 253517 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Plumber (General) 334111 MLTSSL TRA
Podiatrist 252611 MLTSSL APodC/ANZPAC
Primary Health Organisation Manager 134213 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Production or plant engineer 233513 MLTSSL Engineers Australia
Psychiatrist 253411 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Psychologists (nec) 272399 MLTSSL APS
Quantity Surveyor 233213 MLTSSL AIQS
Radiation Oncologist 253918 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Radio Communications Technician 313211 MLTSSL TRA
Registered Nurse (Aged Care) 254412 MLTSSL ANMAC
Registered Nurse (Child & Family Health) 254413 MLTSSL ANMAC
Registered Nurse (Community Health) 254414 MLTSSL ANMAC
Registered Nurse (Critical Care & Emergency) 254415 MLTSSL ANMAC
Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability) 254416 MLTSSL ANMAC
Registered Nurse (Disability & Rehabilitation) 254417 MLTSSL ANMAC
Registered Nurse (Medical Practice) 254421 MLTSSL ANMAC
Registered Nurse (Medical) 254418 MLTSSL ANMAC
Registered Nurse (Mental Health) 254422 MLTSSL ANMAC
Registered Nurse (Paediatrics) 254425 MLTSSL ANMAC
Registered Nurse (Perioperative) 254423 MLTSSL ANMAC
Registered Nurse (Surgical) 254424 MLTSSL ANMAC
Registered Nurses (nec) 254499 MLTSSL ANMAC
Renal Medicine Specialist 253322 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Rheumatologist 253323 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Roof Plumber 334115 MLTSSL TRA
Secondary School Teacher 241411 MLTSSL AITSL
Sheetmetal Trades Worker 322211 MLTSSL TRA
Shipwright 399112 MLTSSL TRA
Small Engine Mechanic 321214 MLTSSL TRA
Social Worker 272511 MLTSSL AASW
Software & Applications  Programmers (nec) 261399 MLTSSL ACS
Software Engineer 261313 MLTSSL ACS
Solicitor 271311 MLTSSL a legal admissions authority of a State or Territory
Solid Plasterer 333212 MLTSSL TRA
Sonographer 251214 MLTSSL ASMIRT
Special Education Teachers (nec) 241599 MLTSSL AITSL
Special Needs Teacher 241511 MLTSSL AITSL
Specialist Physician (General Medicine) 253311 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Specialist Physicians (nec) 253399 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Speech Pathologist 252712 MLTSSL SPA
Statistician 224113 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Stonemason 331112 MLTSSL TRA
Surgeon (General) 253511 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Surveyor 232212 MLTSSL SSSI
Systems Analyst 261112 MLTSSL ACS
Taxation Accountant*** 221113 MLTSSL CPAA/ IPA/CAANZ
Teacher of the Hearing Impaired 241512 MLTSSL AITSL
Teacher of the Sight Impaired 241513 MLTSSL AITSL
Technical Cable Jointer 342212 MLTSSL TRA
Telecommunications Engineer 263311 MLTSSL Engineers Australia
Telecommunications Field Engineer 313212 MLTSSL Engineers Australia
Telecommunications Network Engineer 263312 MLTSSL Engineers Australia
Telecommunications Technical Officer or Technologist 313214 MLTSSL Engineers Australia
Thoracic Medicine Specialist 253324 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Transport Engineer 233215 MLTSSL Engineers Australia
University Lecturer (Suitable for the position of Research Associate or Research Fellow in a University)*** 242111 MLTSSL VETASSESS
Urologist 253518 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Vascular Surgeon 253521 MLTSSL Medical Board of Australia
Veterinarian 234711 MLTSSL AVBC
Wall & Floor Tiler 333411 MLTSSL TRA
Welder (First Class) 322313 MLTSSL TRA
Welfare Centre Manager 134214 MLTSSL ACWA
Zoologist 234518 MLTSSL VETASSESS
  • There are caveats on certain occupations (indicated via ‘*** asterisks’) which exclude the use of the occupation in certain circumstances.  A summary of Caveats on occupations is available.
  • Applicants who require a skills assessment as part of their visa application must contact a relevant assessing authority directly to obtain a skill assessment. The assessing authority will provide all necessary applications forms and associated information relating to the assessment. There will be a charge by the Assessing authorities for the assessment.

Written by Mark

As the founder of Getting Down Under, Mark is passionate about demystifying the process associated with a move to Australia.
Having launched Getting Down Under in early January 2006 and made the move to Australia from the UK in the same year, Mark continues to share resources and support for those looking for assitance, Getting Down Under.

If you have a question for Mark, please post in our Forums

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  1. Hi Mark,

    Sorry to bother you again (already asked you something last June!).

    I should have good news regarding my 189 VISA:
    1/ I have 31 years old (+30 points)
    2/ A Master Degree recognized by the Engineers Australia (my Assessing Authority) and linked to the occupation Engineering Technologist ANZSCO 233914 (+15 points)
    3/ +7 years of work experience recognized as skilled employment (+10 points)
    4/ +7 at the IELTS test (+10 points)

    With a total of 65 points, I should be eligible for the 189 VISA. But… after submitting my EOI, the final calculation gave me only 50 points. Reason being: the +15 points related to the Master Level (above point n°2) are not granted. I don’t know why because my Assessing Authority report clearly reads: “Your qualification obtained from the below institution has been assessed as comparable to the listed Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) level for the purposes of awarding points under the General Skilled Migration points test: AQF Level: Masters Degree”.

    Do you have any explanation? Is it a bug or maybe I did not fill my EOI correctly?
    I would be happy to send you by private email my Outcome letter from the Assessing Authority – Engineers Australia so you can see by yourself.

    Thank you so much for your help :)

  2. Hello Mark, hope you are doing well. Wanted to start off by saying that you are doing brilliant work. I wanted to ask that i am interested in applying for the 189 visa and saw on website that they have added Economist to MLTSSL. Now the questions i have are, that by being on MLTSSL the occupation is guaranteed to be an eligible occupation for one to apply for 189 and secondly the list that is linked on this website does not include Economist in the MLTSSL list, i wanted to clarify that is that a mistake or have i made a mistake by thinking that Economist has been added to MLTSSL? Looking forward to your reply.

    Link where i found Economist on MLTSSL:

  3. Hi Mark,

    Hope you are well,

    I’m chemist and the occupation is avilable in the MLTSSL list ,Is that means I can apply for indepadant visa 189 ?


  4. Hi Mark,
    I found this website useful so first thank you for all advices you provide..
    I am looking to apply for visa 189 under Zoologist or Environmental Scientists occupations. As of 1st July 2017, these two occupations are moved from STSOL to MLTSSL ( Apparently I am eligible for visa 189. However, these two occupations are not mentioned in relevant legislative instrument ( Its a little bit confusing as its not clear if these occupations are eligible for visa 189. Do you have any idea on this issue and why these lists are different? Thanks :-)

    • Padma, go by the Legislative agreement. While previously there were only TWO skilled occupation lists being used across the migration programme, we now have a total of SEVEN skilled occupation lists as points of reference. The key point to note is that some occupations are available for one visa but not necessarily for another because the lists are different, although they share the same name – MLTSSL and STSOL.

      There has been plenty of confusion, especially if you refer to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) webpage, Summary of 1 July 2017 changes to the lists of eligible skilled occupations. The page mentions occupations added to the MLTSSL and so forth, but does not mention if it is applicable to the GSM MLTSSL, or the employer sponsored visas MLTSSL.

  5. hi Mark
    i can see new science courses have been put on the mltssl, does this mean we can apply for independent visa 189, for example microbiology and biotecchnology. kindly reply

  6. Hi Mark,

    Residential Care Officer is no longer in MTTSL but moved to STSOL. I will be working 2 years in my nomination field this September 2017 and I am 45 years. I am planning to apply for ENS 186 this September 2017.

    How does July 1 changes affects me?

    Your immediate response is highly appreciated


    • Hi Bes, are you on a 457? If so you should fall under the ‘grandfathered’ provisions which we’re assuming (though this is still to be confirmed) means you won’t be impacted by the most recent changes.

  7. Hi Mark,
    My daughter has completed Biotechnology degree and now completing her masters in same discipline.
    Has Biotechnologist removed from MLTSSL in 1 st July commencement? If not as you mentioned in this listcould she apply Biotechnologist directly for graduate temporary visa? Her 1st visa was granted in May 2011.There care 2 different lists for MLTSSL. Pls verify this. Thanks

  8. Hi Mark

    I have a degree in human resources management and currently studying to become an Education Training Development Practitioner. I am extreamly sad that Human Resources was taken of the list.

    • Human Resource Manager remains on the STSOL, however, this will only allow maximum stays of 2 years, unfortunately, Luchay, hopefully, it will return in the future.

  9. Hii Mark,

    I received an Invitation to apply on 15 Feb 2017 against my EOI for Agricultural consultant profile. We (me and my spouse) had uploaded all the documents on 27 March 2017. Since then we are awaiting for our Visa.

    Does the changes in policies will further delay our visa grant or we may expect to get it in July itself.
    Your help would be highly appreciated.

  10. Hi Mark,

    This is a great article and website to get information. I do have a few questions that I hope can be answered or get any clarifications.

    I am an Electronics Engineering Graduate, I currently just finished my IELTS exam and I have submitted the requirements to the Governing body in Australia to get assessed on my Skills and Education. I am currently waiting for the results. However, I recently read that Electronics Engineering is one of the occupations that is flagged in MLTSSL and very much likely to be removed on the new MLTSSL (I’m still hoping that it wont get removed). Is it true that it has a very high chance of being removed?

    In the case that it does get removed, are there any other options for me to take besides visa 189 to migrate in Australia given my current skill set is not on the MLTSSL anymore?

    Thank you for the clarification.


  11. Hi Mark,

    I have applied for EOI (189) in earlier April with 70 points under General accounting and in 190 visa class with 75 points. My main concern is that I have claimed 5 points for 1 year work experience in Australia related to my study, but I did not get the employment experience access from CPA/CA. I have got positive skill assessment for my degree.
    Is it mandatory to get your experience accessed before claiming the points as well?

    I have a migration agent, he advised me that there is no need to do that, as we can deal with the case officer directly.

    Could you please advise what should I do in this scenario and any estimate time frame for the invitation to come with 70 points under 189?



    • Hi Vishal, It isn’t mandatory however I would be more inclined to get your skills assessed before completing your EOI as if you get an invite before completing this step it may prove problematic. With that said, I am not a migration agent so I wold be more inclined to take your agents advice then mine.

      Timeframes are always a little more difficult to qualify. See this article for more info on this subject.



  12. Hello Mark!
    Thank you for your impressive advices. My question is if one completes a 2-year master’s degree in Australia and wishes to apply for post-study work visa. Whereas, occupation related to the acquired qualification falls in the STSOL, shall one be able to get Post-study work visa under subclass 485. However, new changes mention that to get said visa one nominate occupation listed in the MLTSSL. Does that mean one whoes qualification does not match with the MTLSSL can’t apply for Post-study work visa?
    Thank you for your time and answer.

    • Hi Aziz, to qualify for the 485 visa, you need to have recently graduated with either an eligible qualification or with skills and qualifications that relate to an occupation on the MLTSSL list. If you don’t have an eligible qualification then I’m afraid you won’t be able to apply under this visa class, unfortunately.

  13. Hi Mark,
    I am a graduate Mechanical engineer and so far I have 70 points for 189 visa. Should I wait for July or apply now? As per skill select, the cut-off is at 75 points in May 2017.

    • Hi Vin, as the 1st July is now less than 1 week away, if you have not yet paid to have your skills assessed, I’d be inclined to wait until the 1st.

  14. Can, or rather, Could the DIPB disregard a bachelor’s qualification as irrelevant to a nominated occupation while the same has been considered “highly relevant” and comparable to an AQF Bachelor’s Degree by the assessing authority ?

    • Not really K. The DIPB rely on the assessing bodies to confirm that your skills and experience are aligned with the occupation published by the DIBP on the occupations list. That is their primary interest.

  15. Hi Mark,

    I am currently holding a Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa and looking to apply for Skilled Independent (subclass 189) visa as soon as possible. I am looking to apply either under Accountant General, Taxation Accountant, Management Accountant, External Auditor occupations, however, I am yet to take the skills assessment and a new language test. At the moment, I am sitting at 65 points, however, I am confident that I will achieve Superior English test results after taking the language test and therefore should gain additional 10 points. I don’t have any skilled employment experience so far.

    I am wondering if I have good enough chances at 75 points or would it be recommended to wait for another year to gain 5 additional points from skilled employment to enhance my chances for receiving an invitation? My current visa expires in Nov 2018. I am worried that the occupation list will change and my occupation is removed in the future. I understand that there is a chance for a removal of certain occupations for the 17/18 list already. Thus, I wish to apply as soon as possible but would appreciate an expert opinion on this.

    In addition, would you be able to tell me which occupation of the above mentioned occupations is ‘safest’ from your experience? For example, likelihood of being accepted with my points, likelihood of not being removed from the list etc.?

    Finally, my first application for my Temporary Graduate visa was rejected due to the fact that I had not taken a language test at the time of my application. I used an immigration agent who failed to let me know that I was required the testing after finishing my Australian Bachelor’s degree. I took the test later on and was granted the visa. Do you think the rejection may affect my permanent visa application?

    • Hi Maria, thanks for the comprehensive question. :)

      It’s always difficult to calculate the likelihood of getting an invite/opportunity to apply as not only are your skills and associated points a dependency on progressing to this stage but also the other applicants also applying for similar roles which we can never get full visibility of.

      I wrote more on this subject here which will hopefully also help you better visualise what I mean.

      With regards to safest occupations. Its also difficult to say and my advice would be to not wait! If you have skills and experience in an occupation on the list then apply. I say this with a small caveat, however. The occupations lists are due for an update on the 1st July so for the sake of waiting a couple of weeks, you will have a lot more confidence that the jobs on the list will be there for at least the next 6 – 12 months.

      Finally, with regards to the last part of your question, I don’t think the missing language test will impact your application in any way. I’d consider this more of an administrative oversight than anything malicious so it will be unlikely held against you.

      All the best


  16. hi , I am currently studying diploma of hospitality and I have completed certificate 3 &4 in commercial cookery and my diploma is completing in first week of July and i am living in Melbourne since 2year, can I apply 457 visa as a chef my employee is ready to give me sponsorship . can you advice me what are the requirements and what are the new rule for 457 visa.

  17. Hi there, This blog is a great source of information and I thank Mark for creating the same.
    I submitted an EOI for sub class 189 and 190 with 70 and 75 points and I have a few questions
    1) Is the final MLTSSL for 2017-2018 out ?
    2) Any news on the first invitation rounds for 2017-2018, if they will be in July or during later months?
    3) For a 189/190 visa application, would a Police Clearance Certificate which would have a date prior to the date of invitation be valid ?
    4) Are there any DIPB mandated health clinics for health checkups ? For a 189/190 visa application, Can I get this checkup done before being invited ?

    • 1) Is the final MLTSSL for 2017-2018 out ?

      Not yet

      2) Any news on the first invitation rounds for 2017-2018, if they will be in July or during later months?

      They should be in July once the new ceilings are announced.

      3) For a 189/190 visa application, would a Police Clearance Certificate which would have a date prior to the date of invitation be valid ?

      I would suggest this is unlikely as it would not guarantee that you hadn’t been in trouble with the police between when the certificate was issued and when the invitation was made.

      4) Are there any DIPB mandated health clinics for health checkups ? For a 189/190 visa application, Can I get this checkup done before being invited ?

      As with the police checks. I would avoid doing this as you do not know when you will be invited and they will be seeking evidence that you are in good health at the time of invitation

      Hope this helps, if you have any additional questions. Please post in our forums as this helps me keep a track of any questions posted.

  18. Hi Mark,

    I have a few questions to ask. Now I am at the stage of submitting my EOI but I only have 55 points, which only allows me to try my luck on visa subclass 190 and subclass 489. Do you have any idea which state is open or better chance for Chef category ? I was told regional NSW, South Australia (489 visa), Victoria ( 190 visa)

    I am using a migration agent and was told I can seek the nomination from different states as well. However, it will involve the application fees for each state or government agency. Is there such fee as I don’t read it on the net .

    What is your suggestion? Should I just go with the EOI for 1 state?

    Thank You

  19. Hi Mark,

    I work in advertising and have got my skill assessed by vetasses. Have also got my IELTS sorted with a score of 8+ in each category. But it seems that advertisng specialist and copywriter are not in the skill list. What are the chances of either one coming back on the list this year or any time soon? Thanks in advance.

  20. Hi Mark,

    I just got my MSA for Chef and I’m waiting for my IELTS and the next step would be applying EOI. May I know this changes affects ‘Chef’ application ?

    • If you have a spare $5 Million kicking around Raj then yes. Beyond the significant investor visa option, your choices are very limited unfortunately in this space. There used to be a loophole where people were coming to Australia, setting up their own business and then sponsoring themselves on a 457 visa holder. This option has since been closed.

  21. Hi Mark , today CPA confirmed that my accounting qualification and MBA would be acceptable for the 221112 Management Accountant visa.

    My points are 65 (I think)
    Age 38
    Proficient in English (overall 8 but mix results – some 7’s)
    Accountant and MBA
    4 years accounting and 6 years in finance (over past 10 years)

    Not logged an EOI yet – as hear that they now require 70 points and ‘ceiling’ reached already. Any advice would be appreciated.


    • Hi, Tony, I would encourage you to focus on reaching the 70 point threshold. Are 8’s for IELTS achievable with a little work do you think? Where else might additional points be an option for you?

      Perhaps also consider reaching out to a registered migration agent to have an initial assessment. Any agent worth their weight should offer this initial assessment as a free service so in the very least they will be able to confirm your points have been calculated correctly if you are not 100% sure.

  22. Hi Mark,

    My name is Sohee, and I have just completed an MSA in chemical engineering. I am writing to find information on whether it is likely that ‘chemical engineer’ will be removed from the MLTSSL in July, as 16 jobs have already been removed from the 190 visa on the 19th April. With this in mind:.

    1. If I submit my points (65) to the EOI before the June 22 round and there are vacancies for chemical engineers, will it be possible to get an invitation from the EOI before July 1?

    2. If I cannot get a invitation until June 30 and ‘chemical engineer’ will be removed from the list in 2017-2018, is it impossible to apply for a permanent residency visa?

    I think I can gain 65 points by the middle of June so any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Sohee. For your first question, it’s hard to say as it’s also dependent as the number of other applicants also waiting for an invitation. See this post for more info: What are my chances of getting an Australian Visa?

      With regards your second question. Your job has to appear on the MLTSSL for you to be able to qualify for PR. Without an occupation on this list, your options are somewhat limited, unfortunately.

  23. Hi Mark, my wife, daughter and I are currently in Australia on a 457 visa. It was granted May’16 and we like most others plan on applying for pr after 2 years through our employer. Obviously that would be May’18. We were granted the visa as a travel agent manager, which is no longer on either list from what i can see.
    With the conflicting info out there, do you think we will be able to apply for PR after March’18? Thanks

  24. Hello Mark
    I am arslan, I applied my eoi on 14 January 2017 for electronics engineering, as now the quota is almost complete and i am waiting for an invitation in july or August. If it stays in new mltssl list, my question is electronics engineering staying in new mltssl list coming in july or not?? If not what are the pathways to file PR?
    I will be v thankful to you,

    • We’ll have a better idea in the next few weeks hopefully Arsian, I don’t have a secret insight beyond the publically published information, unfortunately.

  25. Hi Mark,

    Thank you so much for your help in this for forum. Here is my question: my occupation is biomedical engineer 233913. This is both in the previous SOL and in the new MTSSL. But on March 24th, I received an email from ANZSCO Search mentioning that my occupation (biomedical engineer) had reach the ceiling and that I had to wait for the new SOL to be published on July 1st, 2017…

    But now there is the MTSSL replacing SOL so:
    – should I still wait until July 1st to make sure my occupation (biomedical engineer) will remain on the SOL/MTSSL list OR
    – I can consider that, since MTSSL replace SOL as of today, all occupations mentioned on the new MTSSL have not yet reach their ceiling value.

    Thank you for your help :)
    Not clear to me!

    • Hi Alex, it’s pretty unclear to everyone, to be honest :)

      As I see it.

      – The MLTSSL has replaced the SOL so if an occupation was on the SOL but no longer on the MLTSSL then the opportunity to apply under this occupation is no more unfortunately.
      – If an occupation is on the MLTSSL (that used to be on the SOL) then the occupation ceiling originally allocated to the occupation prior to the changes will apply through to 30 June 2017 (end of the current migration year).
      – New occupation ceilings will likely come into effect for the occupations on the MLTSSL from 1 July 2017 with a number o potential changes to the MLTSSL also coming into effect from 1 July.

      Hope this helps clear things up a little?

      • Hi Mark,

        Thank you for your answer. It is clear that it is absolutely not clear :)
        Actually my issue is even more complex, perhaps you could advice me as well here!

        I just past my IELTS exam with 7+ on each module so I should be granted with 10 points on the Skill Select program. I am 31 so 30 points as well here and I have an engineering diploma so +15 points. Total is 55 points for sure.

        My last chance to get extra points, as I have no experience in Australia, is that “Engineers Australia” confirms my job experience in France. BUT I have 2 options:

        1/ submit a file as “biomedical engineer” for which I am sure they will grant me at least 5 years of experience so I will get +10 points therefore a total of 65 points. But I face the risk that the occupation “biomedical engineer”, as it is flagged at the moment, will not remain on the MLTSSL list on July 1st…

        2/ submit a file as “engineering manager”, also on the MLTSSL, not flagged so with 100% chance to remain on the MLTSSL list on July 1st, but which seems more difficult to be granted with some experience by the Engineers Australia as they request a lot of documentation evidence… and if they don’t grant me at least 3 years of experience, then I won’t get the 60 points for the VISA :(

        As you can read, I am both very motivated to go working in Australia and facing headache whether how I should apply for my VISA! :)
        Hope you could provide me some advice and that my story can help others.

        Good luck to everyone!

        • Hi Alex,

          I have a question regarding MLTSSL catagory you have mentioned. As you mentioned that you have a engineer Diploma, How can you file in Biomedical engineering. I think its required minimum bachelor degree? Please correct me if I am wrong.

          • Hi Dhaval,
            Yes indeed, I definitely think you would need an actual diploma or bachelor degree to file in Biomedical engineering. As far as I’m concerned, my engineering diploma comes after 5 years in college in France.
            Good luck!

  26. Hi mark I already lodged my file for 457 visa I applied nomination and visa application together in painting trade works could u tell me plz how long they can take it for decision and this decision will be in favour or against ??????

    • Hi Jasbar, I am assuming you have an employer sponsoring you? Typically, a 457 visa is processed in approximately 14 – 16 weeks.

      With regards to the outcome, It’s difficult to forecast from here with the info available.

  27. Hello Mark,
    Thanks for your response ,I am already on 457 if I apply for permanent residency, did I can get exemptions from English requirements or I need have 6 each band in ielts to apply for PR . Painting trade work

  28. Hi Mark,
    I am applying for retail manger from Orange pizza hut restaurant( Dine in or buffet ) in August 2017 for RSMS. One employee is already got PR from this business in 2015 and their time period is finishing in 5th august 2017.
    What are the changes effected with my application ?
    I’ll wait your kind reply.

  29. Good Morning Mark,
    I am going to Apply for 187 RSMS next week in Direct Entry Stream and I want to know if changes from March 2018 will affect on my file.

      • Hi Mark

        I have completed my Bachelor Degree in Business Accounting. I have got a full skill assessment but only with 55 points. Is there any chance any state open a state sponsorship for 489 and 190 visa after July 2017.

        • Hi Ram, its always difficult to answer these types of questions as it would be just speculation on my part. Lets see what 1st July brings us.

  30. Thanks sir , I received your message , did I need 6 bands each for applying permanent residency.

    Trade works painting

  31. Hey i applied under industrial engineer 233511 which is available for visa 189 . is the new list valid for 2017-18 or it might change again??

    • Should be valid for 2017 – 2018 Advitiya. The shorter term STSOL is likely to be updated every 6 months or so, however, I expect the MLTSSL however (long term/permanent visa) to remain unchanged until at least Q1 2018.

      • Thanks Mark , Me and my friend filed an EOI with 60 points in December. I know that the seat allocation for this year is almost done. Any idea when we can expect an invitation ?
        Also when can we expect a formal announcement if it is infact a list for 2017/18.
        Thanks in Advance

  32. Hi ,this is zee, currently I am on 457 visa it nearly 2 years have to apply permanent residency within 3 months .New rules will affect , if I apply for PR
    My trade is painting and decorating

  33. Is production or plant engineer still going to go pro rata in july 2017 or will relative sponsor 489 invitations will be given to this occupation.

    • Both lists come into effect the day after the legislation was published and replaced the SOL which expired in July. I don’t anticipate any change to this list in the Short term, especially in a little over 3 months.

  34. My occupation is 233513 production or plant engineer. Is this profession be available in July 2017 for 489 relative sponser with 65 points

    • This occupation will only qualify for sponsorship under the following visa schemes

      Skilled – Independent (subclass 189)
      Temporary Graduate (subclass 485)
      Skilled-Regional (Provisional) (subclass 489), if the applicant is not nominated by a State or Territory government agency.

      The list is valid now and I don’t anticipate any changes to the MLTSSL as soon as July

  35. Hi, Mark. Good day to you. My nominated occupation is 221111 Accountant (General), with DOE lodged to SkillSelect, DOE 21/11/2016 with point score of 65+5. Since then, I have been eagerly waiting for invitation for both 189 and NSW 190. My point score will increase by 5 to 70+5 on this coming 5/5/2017 for completion of 3 years overseas working experience as an Accountant.

    Based on the new MLTSSL and current trend for NSW 190 invitation, which is rather inactive if compared to previous years (only 1853 issued out of 4000 planned as at 28/2/2017), when do you think I could be possibly getting an invitation? Thank you.

    • Jie, it is almost impossible to say unfortunately as the likelihood of receiving an invitation is based on a number of factors. Eg. occupation ceiling, other applicants in the queue. The other applicant scores versus yours etc.

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