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More IT Professionals Needed Say Australian Recruiters - australian it skills - Getting Down Under applications programmer, australian immigration department, desire, Looming, national broadband network, preparedness, recruitment agencies, recruitment firmsLooming skills shortages in Australia are fuelling the desire for overseas IT professionals, recruiters say.

IT recruitment firms say there is now a greater preparedness from companies to sponsor overseas IT professionals, particularly because if work starts on the National Broadband Network all available talent will be sucked up by the project.

The trend comes as the latest data from the Australian Immigration Department shows the top three occupations for 457 primary visa grants in November last year were developer programmer, management consultant and software and applications programmer.

The top three industries for 457 primary visa grants in November 2010 were construction (13 per cent), healthcare and social assistance (12 per cent) and information, media and telecommunications (10 per cent).

Currently only a small number of recruitment agencies can sponsor and on-hire overseas IT workers. Employers are also able to bring in IT workers through the 457 program, but recruiters have called the government to consider more flexibility to allow overseas IT professionals to work under contract rather than being employed permanently.

An Australian Immigration Department spokesperson has said the government was not currently considering an exception to this requirement for IT professionals. The spokesman said there were no caps on the 457 program, which was demand-driven.

Thanks to the folks from the Visa Bureau who contributed towards this article.

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    IT is one of the main pillars of the economy… particularly Australia….


    Australian government is useless and hopeless, even the minister. They are a big talkers about human rights but practical life all bullshit. I have applied for migration in 2007 september 30. still they did not taken my application for processing. now this is 2011 how many years ? 4 years now I am getting older and older… They should give the priority for the people who are in 40. I had lot of dreams, hopes , wishes etc now I really depressed and stressed.


    Even you are successfully go through the Visa approval. You still have to go through the tough and mostly bias perception of white supremacy in Australia. i would advise those who would like to come here and work in Australia to think serious what level of endurance and how far you prepare to go in order to get into a job and stay in a job while you are in Australia. This is my personal experience off course. Most of the time, you are the spotlight on whether you can beat the odds or bias perception about you regardless of… Read more »


    It’s an encouraging article for IT immigrants indeed; but I have seen a different side of coin since I have started job search. Most of the time my application was rejected due to either lack of Australian experience or over qualified.

    First Government need to take care of this attitude otherwise most of the IT immigrants will end up in odd jobs that will show shortage of IT professionals in country.