More migration scams making headlines

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newsSo I’ve just been reading a story on the ABC website about a young Indian reporter who was attacked after going undercover to reveal migration and education scams

The woman, who was reporting under cover for Australia’s ‘Four Corners’ program at the time, was subjected to threats during the making of the program and was attacked over the weekend. Police have been notified.

Whilst filming for the program, the reporter went to two different migration agents posing as someone wanting to pass an English Language Test (IELTS) without having the skills. To assist here in her attempts to pass the exam she said she was willing to buy a fake work certificate. She was able to do both if she paid between $3,000 and $5,000.

Some Indian students, principally in Melbourne and Sydney, have been subjected to violent attacks which have tainted Australia’s reputation as an education provider. The actions of those responsible could never be justified but having said that, something positive may well come out of this after all.

The media attention across Australia and (most probably) the rest of the world has placed the exploitation of wannabee migrants by unscrupulous migration and education agents under the spotlight.

The allegations on tonight’s program expose a number of cases where students have lost tens of thousands of dollars. Programs like this and the associated news coverage that often follows will hopefully help put an end to these crimes for good!

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10 years ago

Yes, there was a another programme about a similar sort of thing here on TV the other day. Apparently, there are all sorts of scams going on. This one was about selling education to India, which is Australia’s third biggest export I think they said. In this programme, they interviewed a woman who ran an airline pilot training school, those who pass could then apply for citizenship on a desired skills basis. She had been accused of taking the $40,000 training fees from Indian students and not giving them the 200 hours flying time they had paid for. Her side… Read more »

10 years ago

We moved to Australia as we think that it is corruption free country but the recent scams are very disheartening. How our Government allowed this to happen? Now it is the question in the mind of every Australian that what the Government is doing now to handle the situation. If people get PR by corrupt means they will remain corrupt always and it will be very bad impression at international level about our good country.

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