My IELTS exam experience 2018 | DAY, TIPS, TASKS (part 1)

My IELTS exam experience 2018 | DAY, TIPS, TASKS (part 1) - My IELTS exam experience 2018 DAY TIPS TASKS part - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts listening, ielts speaking, ielts writing, IELTS-Test

I have just received my IELTS test results. The certificate is still in the sealed envelope, which I want to open with you. And tell you more about what to expect on the day, some of the new tips I have learned and tasks I still remember.

In this video:
– Opening my IELTS Academic results
– What to expect during the exam – 6:08
– Tips and tasks – IELTS Listening – 11:59
– Tips and tasks – IELTS Reading – 23:20

My IELTS exam experience 2018 | DAY, TIPS, TASKS (part 1)

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Hello. 1st of all you are wonderful and beautiful

Asiya , your first language is Russian language , so you are Russian?

I'm so grateful that my university teaches and holds english exams, using IELTS past papers and listening tests.

Congratulation with your band. Writing is very difficult as I will as.

hablas bien chingón! Your talking is so good at all! Congrats

Lovely way of explaining things along with great practical tips I've never heard of anywhere else. Thank you sooooo much and I hope I'll get great band marks in my IELTS exam this Friday!

Hello! Can I expect a similar exam experience if I opted for the computer-administered IELTS exam? Any tips on that would be lovely. Thank you.

I avoided breaks because I did not want to loose time. The test room was cold and I could not take a scarf of jacket. The clock isn't as easy to manage time as a mobile. The registration took so much time that I got sleepy and it ruined my energy for the exam. I did have time to check my essay because I wasted time figuring out how many words I had. The exam sheet is bigger than the ones in the books. I thought that the listening was harder because I practiced with earphones and I was literally… Read more »

Mam can u provide ielts academic reading practice test cause i want 7 and am still stuck on 6.5 pls help me

How nicely uyou speak… M just following your strategies ❤️

Nice well love you are

Can I suggest to abolish IELTS?

Than you I love learning videos 30 min or less

dear asiya
l would like to ask you how can i improve my writing skills especially in essays

Congratulations. U look excited!

Я просто в шоке! У тебя очень хороший английский, как они могли дать тебе 8!!!Я думала как минимум 8.5.Твой writing меня убил! Если у тебя 7,5,то что говорить уже мне! Я боююююсььь!!!!

Dear. Asiya, thank you very much for your valuable information which you shared us, God bless you, I am going to appear for IELTS in coming month March. Please pray for me I badly need 7 band at least, it is really challenging for my better career.


Is it a formal way to write idioms in writing test?

Ask lang ate ang pagkuha ba ng ielts exam ay isang araw lang ba?

Dear Madam,

my results are as follows: Overall band: 8.0
Listening: 8.0
Reading: 8.5
Writing: 6.0
Speaking: 9.0

Would you recommend requesting for remark?

I need to improve on my English Moreso, I need best strategies to tackle reading & writing

what is ur nationality?

I followed some of your instructions and have taken ielts exam on dec 4th here in india and got an overall band of 8 and clb 9.

To be honest i plan to skip spelling parts on listening test…

I will take the computer delivered they provide anything like paper pen or eraser to write my mind ???

How to get the keywords with example of question paper …
Please make a video on it which can be helpful .

Which one is good..idp or british council

should we use more vocabulary n idioms ???

Vacubulary kida improve kiti ja skhdi aaaaaaaa

Hlooo mam reading nd listening cho kida improvement kiti ja skhdi aaa plzzz help meeee i face many problm in both modulesssss

mine is after tomorrow. I really struggled with the listening practice test because multitasking isn't really my thing, so I slightly feel nervous for the test but we will see. thanks for the tips!

I got 5.5 IELTS general…. It is enough for me…. Lol… And now i try to improve my language skill……..

Hi dear heart mam,i will joint ielts exam in first December, please tell me about listening,i m so week to listening module, please please tell me how i improve my listening module, if u want my contract number, i will provide you,please dear mam help me,

Congratulations! THank you so much for your tips this was really helpful; will post my score:)

i got 7.5 band in my ielts exam
Reading- 7.5
writing- 7.5

What did the American lady you spoke with need the IELTS test for? It is an exam intended for foreigners, and those whose first language is English do not have to take it.

Please help me in reading

Pleease make a different kinds of video in making complex sentences

You are very Beautiful

I want to apply for university in Canada but when I look at the ielts exam I really worry about my vocabulary . I do not know much about academic vocabulary. Now I try to learn new academic vocabulary dose anyone who have experience about this?

Hi guys! What questions do you want me to answer about the IELTS exam day and my experience in the next video?

After writing the exam this February past session i wasn’t too sure of making a high band and had to contact this this legit discrete ietls technician -removed by admin – recommended to me by a colleague of mine for my current 7.5 band ielts certificate.

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