Myths dispelled and time for a barbecue

made the move to australia

OK, Myth number one to be dispelled.

You can get a cold in Australia, even when its in the middle of summer and the temperature is in the low hundreds every day.

I think it comes down to the crappy nights sleep I’ve been having over the last couple of days due to the hot nights. Oh and the dehydration due to the unhealthy mix of beer and hot nights ;)

 It seems it’s not only me either. Quite a few people who I work with seem to have been coming down with some nasty bug or another during the last few weeks.

Still, it is now officially the weekend Australia time.

We have some Aussie friends coming over for a barbecue this weekend. Seriously no pressure there then.

Here’s me a bloke from Northern England cooking a barbecue for some born and bread Aussies who use their BBQ every other day.

I’m sure it’s nothing that a few well cooked fillet stakes and a couple of cases of beer can’t sort out though.

Thankfully, I’ve not managed to poison anyone with my cooking yet.

I’ve actually managed to master the concept that cooking over flames is bad whilst cooking over nice hot white glowing coals is good. Still if you don’t hear from me for a while…..

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