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As our regular readers will already know the week we arrived in Australia was also the week we conceived! :-)

I think it’s fair to say that all this happened a lot sooner then either of us expected.

Although we had decided to try for junior number 2 once arriving in Australia we were pretty surprised (although delighted) to find out we were pregnant when the missus did a test on new years day (what a way to start 2007!) 8 month down the track life is starting to get interesting.

I have a personal mobile and a blackberry that I use for work. Both of these I carry around with me constantly. Only the missus has my personal mobile and every time I get a text or the phone rings I nearly have heart failure.

Even though I’ve finished with travelling ‘Over East’ for a while, the logistics of working in the city, a 30 minute train journey away also makes like a little interesting.

If junior number 2 does decide to come along a little sooner than expected, it could be a case of jumping into a cab and paying the driver a few extra dollars to put his foot down.

All of these minor issues kind of pails into insignificance when you look at the logistics of looking after a 4 year old.

I say this, not because I wouldn’t know what to make him for dinner if the missus had to go into hospital early, it’s all to do with the issues associated with being so damn isolated.

When Junior was born the missus’s waters broke at about 9:30pm and we were in hospital by 10. By 4am the contraction were starting to kick in and by 5:23pm junior was born.

Other then being told to go home for a few hours ‘until things start to happen’ I was there throughout the whole thing (I still have the fingernail marks to prove it) ;-)

When you’re living in a new country thousands of miles away from your close friends and family what do you do with a 4 year old if you’re in labour for 19 hours. I really have no idea!

Answers on a post card please!

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    Hi Mark, thanks for replying that’s very reassuring, good luck with the birth. Lori_m like you my biggest worry is how i’m going to settle in a new place not knowing a single person! I think its easier if you intend to work as you quickly get to know people and build a social network. However like you if I have a toddler and newborn to look after I will be at home for some time and I can only think I would have to get involved in some groups or activities either myself or via the children to build… Read more »


    Was going to post the same question, also going next year, also may be pregnant or thinking about it.. Glad to know the care has been good so far, do keep us updated! Re what to do with number 1 during labour – yikes. I will probably be having a c-section due to complications with the first birth so at least we should be able to plan it to some extent. But what do you do if you want to go out in general? Do you have a regular babysitter or something? I was also wondering if we will ever… Read more »



    We are planning to emigrate to perth in the middle of next year and am also planning baby no 2 now. Chances are I will either be heavily pregnant when we get there or with a newborn. Just wondering what your and your wifes experiences are of ante natal care,hospitals etc compared to UK?