New Critical Skills List (CSL) Published

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New Critical Skills List (Csl) Published - Featured - July 2022The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) updated the Critical Skills List this weekend with many computer professionals breathing a huge sigh of relief!

When the DIAC announced changes to the Australian immigration procedures on the 8th February, the Migration Occupations in Demand List became defunct. This left many people with occupations previously in the MODL in the dark about their chances of a successful Australian visa application.

Computer professionals had to have an occupation listed in the MODL in order to qualify for the CSL. With the MODL gone this was now impossible to achieve. Thankfully for many of these IT professionals, their quandary is now over as the CSL includes many computing occupations on the list.

Among the other key industries seeking skilled workers for jobs in Australia are healthcare, engineering, surveyors and fitters.

To view the full list, please click here.

Important Note:

DIAC hasn’t updated the footer on this document yet. DIAC’s webmaster has been contacted to advise so even though the list suggests it’s from March 2009, it is in fact the most current list.

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  1. hello dear
    im mrs.siddiqui my husband live in Australia in Sydney but im here in Pakistan . i have done my (D-pharm) doctorate pharmacy and i have experience only 2 year . i wanna that i want live with my husband he is in Australia in Sydney he gone in a student visa . please tel me im eligible to apply of immigration of Australia or not .
    please guide me
    thanx alot

  2. I am trying to find out if Prison Officers / Corrections Officers are required on the SOL does anyone know?

    I am struggling to access the new one!!!


  3. hiiiii
    i have just completed community welfare diploma in south Australia. let me know is it still in demand or not (mean to say still in S.O.List)

  4. Hi,
    1. I have been trying to locate the newly published CSL at the official DIAC webiste, as per your article, but have unable to do so. Could you please paste the link for the new CSL from the DIAC’s official website?
    2. When the is the new SOL going to be released?

  5. You list Fitters as being in the industries seeking skilled workers and that its on the ammended CSL, but only Gasfitter is on there, is this correct, or are fitters in general required?

    1. Hi Carl

      If Gas fitters is the role listed on the CSL then Gas fitters will be the role specifically being sought.